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Good morning !


G’morning all, happy Thursday! :slight_smile::coffee:


Good morning everyone!

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@All: Good… afternoon, actually, since it is about 12:01 local. :D:D:D

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Morning :wave:t4:


Good afternoon! It has been ages I have been in de Lounge, its even number V allready again. Reason it took so long was mainly because I couldn’t find it anymore. After a long search and following the smell of coffee today is the day I found it again :smiley:

Have a nice day everyone!


Enjoy a freshly brewed cup whenever you stop by! :coffee: :slight_smile:


G’morning all, Friday has arrived! Have a fantastic day :coffee:!


Good morning !


Good morning everyone!


G’moaning all, the weekend has arrived! Have a good one :slight_smile: :coffee:


Hi. I’ve never keybinded nor clicked on disenchanting but it randomly just disenchanted my shoulderpad named Mantle of Void-touched Waters at 415 item level. Can I get it back. I can’t restore it because it’s on CD. I contacted gm (Nenyasqi) but he said that he couldn’t bypass the restoration which is not what im asking ffs. I want my item back because i have to do m+ with the guild and gonna do +12 and it was what i was gonna use my whole weekend for and now it’s definetely ruined and it’s not better when I have a 2 day response on my ticket and a gm giving me an answer to something i didnt ask.

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Which is bypassing the item restoration feature. You already have a thread, and you’ve received an answer. If they restored the item for you, they would need to restore items for everyone and the cooldown would lose its meaning.

It’s unlikely that the GM will assist you with the item restoration cooldown, and I’m certain there’s a confirmation before disenchanting items.


It’s not a restoration it’s just me wanting my item back that got ripped from me. it’s not like i vendored it or disenchanting it with free will it just randomly got disenchanted. there isn’t a confirmation with all disencahting things. i think at one point there was i see you have no knowledge about it. please play the game

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@All: Good afternoon! :slight_smile: I am off for what I hope to be an over night date… So, if things go at least relatively well, I am off until tomorrow. :smiley:


G’morning all :coffee:! I double checked a few things, and it looks like it’s still weekend! Happy Sunday! :smiley:


Good morning !! Have a nice monday everybody !


Good morning everyone!


Good morning !!! Believe it or not, but the sun is shining here in Cork.


Good morning everyone!