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G’morning all, welcome to the weekend! Hope you have an enjoyable Saturday. :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Raz) #630

munches some fresh chocolatechip cookies with milk Anyone been missing me…?

(Ananda) #631

Waves at Raz.
Sigh … when you have to get up early but are woken even earlier by a magpie who is trying to dig a hole through my plastic window sill. Why???


G’morning all, welcome to your Sunday! :slight_smile: :coffee:

That depends now. I’m inclined to say yes, but are you sharing the milk and cookies? :smiley:

(Raz) #633

puts down fresh batch of ovenwarm cookies just for the blues

Would that be good enough?

(Ananda) #634

Discrimination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m the first in at the office. I think you might want to change that into a singular word :wink: Thank you!

Morning everyone!


Good morning everybody. And thanks a million Raz !

(Trelw) #638

@All: I hope the crew (especially the ones taking care of German forum) are doing ok… 10 000+ replies megathread is… BIG…

Good new week to all!


Good morning everyone!


Hello everybody !

(Punyelf) #641

Morning o/


Good evening! :crescent_moon:
Anyone was think like me that today is Wednesday :pleading_face:


It is now :wink:

Good morning!


Good morning !!!

(Ananda) #645

I have no clue which day of the week it is most of the time …


That’s why I always announce it here in the Lounge! G’morning all, happy Wednesday! :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Ananda) #647

Thank you - it saves my sanity sometimes :slight_smile:


G’morning all, welcome to Thursday! Have a fantastic day :slight_smile: :coffee:.


Good morning everybody !