CS Lounge V ☕

(Raz) #730

Ankoan exalted, now to start the paragon grind… uuurrggghhh!!! grabs teapot and biscuitjar

(Saneko) #731

Happy International Cat Day! Meow!:cat::heart_eyes_cat::smiley_cat::cake:


G’meowning all, have a fabulous Thursday! :cat::coffee:

(Ananda) #733

On a train again, but keeping an eye on the classic Kul Tiras forum just in case anyone I know is returning. Such a good idea.

(Trelw) #734

@All: My girlfriend is on her way home, it might take two or even three weeks before I get to see her again and… I am listening to Hauho by Juice Leskinen on a loop. IMPORTANT note: If you are not Finnish, do NOT play it on a loop. In fact, just do not play it on a loop, period. :smiley:

(Raz) #735

Some odd taste on music you have Sir…


G’morning all, welcome to a wonderful Friday! :slight_smile::coffee:


Good morning everyone.

(Trelw) #738

@Raz: I have a fairly large range of things I like on occasion… :smiley:

From Paula Koivuniemi and Katri Helena through Yö and Popeda to Lordi and Nightwish…
From Elvis Presley and Paul Anka to Bon Jovi, Europe and Rammstein…
From Bach and Vivaldi to the (instrumental) versions of the Beverly Hills Cop theme and Danger Zone (from Top Gun)…
From Jerry Lee Lewis and Jeff Buckley to LeAnn Rimes, Celiné Dion and Shania Twain…
From Indica and TikTak to Shakira, Britney Spears and Spice Girls…

… and yes, many, many people think I have a strange taste in music… :smiley:

(Raz) #739

no no NOOOO!!! now i have Aikuinen Nainen and Heilutaan repeating in my head…

goes and hangs herself

(Trelw) #740

@Raz: *executes Heroic Strike on the rope and mumbles in broken Common… “Undead druids are a big no-no on my watch, young lady…” *


G’morning all, welcome to the weekend. Enjoy your Caturday! :heart_eyes_cat::coffee:

(Ananda) #742

Morning …

(Raz) #743

Finally alliance got weapon cache, first since patch… About time!!


G’morning all, welcome to Wednesday! :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Ananda) #745



Have some :coffee:! Freshly stolen (not ground unfortunately) from Hagut’s desk.


G’morning all, have a great day! :slight_smile::coffee:


Another day, another g’morning! G’morning all, have a fantastic Friday! :slight_smile::coffee:

(Ananda) #749

I’ve just realised that the best thing about flying is that I can finally visit the BMAH. Sadly the thing I really want today (Swift Zulian Tiger) is already more than three times the gold I possess. Ingame as in real life I guess :wink: