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Good morning !


Hi ho~~

And for no reason a photo of a cat:

(Ananda) #752

Awww. Just back from the dentist so a pretty cat makes me feel a bit better :slight_smile:

(Trelw) #753

@Ananda: I have sadly reached the point where I do not know, which is worse… Having to see a dentist (, which I will need to do in the near future, I have not had a checkup in a long while) or the “language war” raging in some Classic forum threads… I have been trying to throw water, sand, fire-suppressive foam and generous applications Code of Conduct on them, but I am starting to feel desperate enought that, if things do not improve, I will have to resort to not only stealing Hagut’s coffee, but ALL the coffee in the entire France to make someone wake up… UNGH Additional note: Holding coffee as hostage is a desperate measure, which I do not wish to undertake as I do not even like coffee. :smiley:

(Raz) #754

I’ll help you with the coffee hostage issue… let Hagut drink all of it.


I’m not sure that’s a good idea!


G’morning all, have a great start of the weekend! :slight_smile::coffee:


G’morning once again, enjoy your Sunday! :slight_smile::coffee:

(Ananda) #758

We can’t have you talking to yourself - good afternoon :slight_smile:


Too late! It’s ok though, the weekend will sort me out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good morning !!!


looks around
Heyo! This place sure has changed in the time I spent away!

(Ananda) #762

/falls on the floor in a dead faint


Woah, did I kill everyone by showing up unexpected?
brings coffee
That’ll help, right?


Good morning !!

(Ananda) #765


That’s more like it … thank you :slight_smile:

Morning Kie


G’morning all, have a great Wednesday! :slight_smile: :coffee:

(Trelw) #767

@Deailu: I am alive, sort of. :smiley: I began my studies in a university on Monday and as per tradition, some of second (or higher) year students act as tutors.

Some of the orientation week’s activities are slightly less serious in nature, so yesterday we (those starting to study English) were split into several small groups and one of tasks we got during the afternoon was to design a short play for the tutor overseers to identify. My group of five ended up drawing Game of Thrones as the TV-series and “Live news broadcast” as the type of play. Which ended up meaning two news casters (both male), Daenerys, a dragon (both female) and me… the frightened citizen of King’s Landing, fleeing for my dear life and finally getting torched, even though I was running like mad (in place mostly, so I would not end up too far from the other action) and tripping, which caused real pain and a small wound, even. :confused:

So, instead of coffee, I think I would prefer fire resistance gear + 100%, cold spring water to drink and an Embersilk bandage for my knee. :smiley:


Now that’s dedication to the acting of a King’s Landian running for it’s life! :smiley:

G’morning all, have a great Thursday. :slight_smile::coffee:

(Ananda) #769

Sorry about the tripping, Trelw. But did you trip running on the spot (in place) as I think that would be quite hard?

Oh, and g’morning. I have a flat white so am a happy bunny.