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(Trelw) #770

@Ananda: No, not quite. I made the mistake of both trying to move forward a little AND looking over my shoulder at the same time. In other words, I was NOT watching where my feet landed… :smiley:

(Raz) #771

No issue here because my trusty cane tells me (usually) what’s in the ground but still doesn’t stop me from hitting things “that were not god damn there last frikking time!!”


G’morning all, welcome to your Friday! Hope you all have a great day and don’t have any things to walk into or stumble upon today. :smiley::coffee:

(Ananda) #773

Morning Neny!
I have a gym class today so plenty of opportunity to walk into things or just, basically, fall flat on my face :slight_smile:


I most often just feel like lying down and flop about like a fish for a while, after a gym class. :stuck_out_tongue:


G’morning all, enjoy the start of your weekend! :slight_smile::coffee:


Meowrning! Happy Caturday! :smiley_cat:


G’morning all, hope you had a great Caturday yesterday. Caturday :cat: is nice and all, but Sundogday :dog: is where it’s at! :smiley: Enjoy :slight_smile::coffee:


Sundog was my favorite game back on the Apple IIe when I was a kid!! So yay for SundogDay, even though we don’t have the same kind of sundog in mind!

Sorry for hijacking that other priest’s thread about the Netherlight Temple Nenyasqi. Removing cache/Interface/WTF folders and doing a scan/repair didn’t help me, so I’ve updated my ticket and I’m waiting again. Gives me time to level my hunter! :slight_smile:
Now, where’s my coffee…
wanders to the kitchen


Feel free to help yourself to Hagut’s coffee stash! Don’t even have to queue for it! :smiley:


A cookie for GM Xilronoth who suggested the “turn warmode on” trick to be able to enter the Netherlight Temple. It works.

And a massive cookie for me to help me recover from having that PvP flag on. So scary. shudders

(Trelw) #781

@All: Good morning to everyone!

First actual lessons of my university studies later today… and Classic launch tonight… Exciting times in so many ways. :smiley:


Good morning everybody !


where is the blue then


Good morning everybody and welcome back to 2004 :slight_smile:


brings coffee
It’s fresh and hot, but tastes just like back then, when I was getting lost for the firest time in Mulgore and having a cup at each corpse run.


G’morning all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I did! :smiley: Now even though it is my Monday today, I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday! :slight_smile::coffee:


G’day and G’morning! Have a fantastic day and help yourself to coffee from Hagut’s stash. :slight_smile::coffee:

(Ananda) #788

Thank you to Hagut. Hope it’s good coffee?


It’s free, so can’t complain! :smiley: