Current state of server community

Greetings Zandalarians,

I’d like to get some personal opinions about the health of this server, as I’m thinking of transferring my character here.

I’ve stopped playing back in August, as the community on my server was way too hardcore and grindy for my taste. Worldbuff-hunting, raidlogging, constantly camped farmspots etc. So now, in preparation for TBC, I’d like to hop onto another realm which has a more laid back attitude in general, and come back to the game.

I understand that you cannot describe an entire server population within one sentence, as it surely has all kinds of people, I’m just looking for general impressions.

I’ve read up on the population of this server, and skimmed over this forum to test the waters, so I’m aware of the basic problems (alliance domination for instance), but what I’m most curious about is the general atmosphere of the community.

Thanks for any replies in advance.

I started playing again after a year, subbed just when the year was changing, so while I can’t really talk about how the overall state is, the groups I’ve been in have been pretty nice :slight_smile:

I’m currently only lvl57, so I can’t say about raid groups or things like that, and it is kinda hard to find groups for places like BRD or LBRS, since people don’t really seem to have any use for them anymore. And getting even lower lvl dungeon groups going can take a while too, but when you get into group, they’ve been generally polite. So far I haven’t seen anyone complain if some mistakes were made or wipes happened.

About guilds and their atmosphere I can’t really say anything, since this guild I’m in is currently completely quiet (me being only one online these days).

So while my answer isn’t probably that deep and my view is very limited, it’s just one view :sweat_smile: But at least this writer here is one of those who doesn’t complain or whine and acts politely towards other folks and also these past weeks I’ve been playing have shown to me that others act like that also, so there’s that small part of the community I’ve experienced.

Hey what’s up Nataliya I remember you, remember that time outside Uldaman ages ago? I still remember our forum post about it :smiley: Good to see you are back.

As for the original message I can speak from a Horde perspective. It is a noticeable change that there are less people but y’know it hasn’t really had any affect on me yet. I have still been able to do everything I want to do and have fun so- whatever.

The Horde atmosphere atleast is very laid back, people know eachother + can usually take a joke. Of course I don’t expect the same to be on Alliance not with the evil dictatorship of Praxis…

Also the “alliance domination” is no more, now I have the Hand Of Sulfuras no puny Alliance will dare step foot against the Horde again- muahahah!

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Thank you for both your answers, Nataliya & Rushorn.

the evil dictatorship of Praxis

What do you mean by this? That’s a guild or…?

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I most certainly do remember that :grin: Thanks and nice to be back. And good to see there are familiar folks still around :blush:

By the way… I’m not yet 60 or geared, so that bounty should be relatively easy to get now… :smiling_imp: Hope to see you on the fields of ganking!

oh god, he doesn’t know.

take a seat little one, i am about to spill some wisdom for you.

i’ll take you back, back to the start of classic. a small “kitty” had a big dream, a dream to be the biggest and the baddest of the lands. they envisioned a guild… … one to rule the lands and keep honor and peace over Azeroth! to much demise, the gluttony and greed clawed at the back of kitty’s mind- forced into betrayal and puppetry. Kitty played the card of an evil dictator, forcing those around them to do their will or feel the full power of a discord ban! So, as the world buff meta progressed the brave soldiers of AAMO (Azeroth Anti Minmaxing Organisation) took it upon themselves to grief Praxis, prodding and poking whereever they could… NO RP NO BUFFS!

Kitty was annoyed, their power was being questioned. But the time for AQ had come, and that meant the War Effort was nigh! Kitty told the Horde not to bother farming, because THEY would be the ones to open the gates, as they are all powerful Gods.

Horde said “Ok.” and took a vacation. This angered Kitty even more as the War Effort hit and it wasn’t looking likely that the War Effort would be completed in time for them to get world first. Kitty then THREATENED the Horde! Telling them that if they didn’t help them, they would never let any Horde into AQ40! In addition, they told them they would grief the Scarab Lords, saying all their effort would go to waste as they wouldn’t let them ring the gong.

So the Horde kunckled down, not only not farming but also griefing & stealing resources from the neutral AH’s that were being passed over to complete the War Effort. The TPD (Tim Police Department) and AAMO led this offensive, spending hours to non-stop grief these pesky Tim’s (nick-name for Kitty’s slaves). We also launched the online offensive, posting memes on the forums and the reddits.

So the time for the Scarab Lords to complete the harder parts of the quests had arrived. To no surprise, Kitty and the Praxis Tims sat like nerds in the Scarab Lord questzone spots, killing any Horde that came close. But the Horde stuck together, guilds that were once enemies put aside their differences and came to strike a common foe! All Horde Scarab Lords rang the gong, and Azeroth was saved from Kitty’s rutheless reign… for now.

In some ways, Praxis brought us together- enemies became friends…

I am not suprised you have not heard the story, it is not one that any Praxis Tim would tell you. :wink:

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That was a great yarn, Rushorn, I almost built a campfire in my room while reading it. :slight_smile: Appreciate your putting in the effort to answer a simple guy’s question in this length.

Anyway, I have already transferred my character here, but, as the reason I came here was to avoid minmaxing and META-mongering, you won’t see me in support of any behaviour resembling what you described.

So, if you see a lonely druid called Roan wandering the wilds, give me a moo. Or challange me to a duel, I’d appreciate both. Or maybe see you in Moonglade sometime and share a beer.


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You went horde?

Well then, more beef to the table and my tiger companion Hobbes is always hungry for some properly mauled meat!

Roan… I gotta remember to check each cows (if it was tauren for you) behind for burn mark like that :thinking: :laughing:

Great, good to have you here. If you see a Sulfuras wielding chicken then that’s probably me.

Nope. I’m a night elf. Even saw your message today in general, looking for a dungeon group. :slight_smile: As druid is the only class that ever spoke to me and I could never bring myself to play a cow on two legs, my options were fairly limited.

By “challange me to a duel” I meant “ambush me wherever you see me”. :slight_smile:

Moonkins are Moon Kings. Carry the torch, brother!

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Like Grimbog, I was wondering whether I should play on Zandalar Tribe.

I’ve played 2 weeks on Hydraxian Warlords, thinking a RP-PVE server would attract more people, but saw no role play whatsoever.
If there is some, it must be scarce or only inside guilds.

I’ve never role played for the Horde but I want to give it a try.

Do you guys think a role player without a guild can still come onto the server, have fun and expect to find some random role play, or will I face the same difficulties than on Hydraxian Waterlords?

Thanks and have a good day.

Gotcha :grin:

I may suggest you to join guild like Stormlords, where I have my lvl33 paladin currently located. Seems like nice active bunch, so worth checking them out :blush:

Join Rushorn :grin: I believe his guild does RP these days :thinking:

Hello :smiley:

We are still running events and having fun in preparation for TBC. Currently our Clan has business in the Swamp of Sorrows and the Blasted Lands, where we’re investigating the recent prophecy by The Greyfire Coven that there would be a return of the Burning Legion.

If you want to get involved then throw me or any of my guildmates of the Gosh Ogar Clan either ingame or on discord (rushork#7231). We are a tight group of RPers, as are most of the RP guilds left on this server, but we have fun doing some game content & RP together :slight_smile:


the server’s fine as far as horde are concerned, much less busy than it used to be (naturally considering where we are in terms of the game) but by no means too quiet.

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