Daddys Darlings is Recruiting ! :) 3/8M


Hello there

We are Daddy’s Darlings-Ragnaros Horde [3/8M - 8/8H] A Casual raiding guild - Currently looking for Rdps / dps for our mythic roster. Next Progress buss we will hit is to be Vectis. We do have 18-22 people online every raid night. So what we seek is to bolster our ranks for better odds at progression always :slight_smile:

As of right now, our raid nights are:

Wednesday, Friday and Sundays from 7:00pm To 10.00Pm server time

Alittle about us:
The Guild is based upon a core pool of players, who have played together in various MMO’s through out the years, In the beginning of legion we started out on Lightbringer Alliance, and ran the guild Crits N Giggle’s, clearing content in a casual pace getting guild curve on, Xavius, Guldan and Kiljaden.
When the time came for Antorus, and Argus, many were off on break or were quit. So the remaining player base from our alliance guild packed up and reroll Horde on Ragnaros, where we currently are growing at a slowly pace. Entering into BFA we had alot of starting issues due to various reason, but ended up on a solid guild curve at 4th raidweek, and from that point on we started to venture into mythic :slight_smile:

What we expect of a potential raider:

We are all in for the fun of the raid and fun is the main keyword.
We do expect you to be atleast 21 years of age ( since this is no kid friendly guild )
We expect you to be able to understand and type English. Talking is not a must
We expect you to have patience, and being able to keep your calm, even during a !@#$show ( everyone looses it from time to time but in general, be nice) :wink:
We require you to download Exorsus Raid Tools
We require you to have WeakAuras 2.0
We expect you to be ready at raidtime on raidnight with food and flasks, ready for invites and instructions

What you can expect from us:

A fun Wednesday, Friday or Sunday in the company of hilarious and at times a bit crazy bunch of people
You can be a part of the journey through Uldir with a bunch of commited people who wanna go as far into the content as possible
note Currently running with guild repairs for trials, raiders and onwards *

If this has any interest, plz send me a tell ingame, a ingame mail on either Davikin or Vikin, OR msg any Officer from the guild :slight_smile:

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You guys have daddy issues or … ?

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