Danish Semicore Raiding Guild <Falderebet>


Hey everyone.

(I’m gonna write this recruitment in english, but i will highlight, that all talk and chatting will be danish language.)

The newstarted danish raid guild called Falderebet is placed on Stormscale-EU.
We’re looking for new fresh people to fill our raid roster.
We’re currently in need of healer and dps roles.
Raiding Monday and Wednesday from 19CET till 22CET.

If you wanna join as raid trial, we’re having some requirements.

We expect that your neck level is atleast level 36
That your itemlevel is above 380.
That you know how to interact with other people and respect other players.

Discord and Push To Talk while raiding.

Open Classes:
Resto Druid

Socials and Casual players are free to join aswell.

We consider our self as loyal and active players and we have established a great little community, who’s open for everyone!

For more information, you will have to contact our GM and Officers Ingame!

Deeb / Guildmaster - Tilika#2231
Kjela / Officer - Zatsuki#2317
Coolyoudown / Officer - Teamspeed162#2222

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