Darkmoon Deck Box: Dance - Bugged

I’ve crafted the Darkmoon Deck Box: Dance Trinket with Jetscale Sigil, which should stop shuffling when the Deck draws the Ace.

However the only card being drawn currently is a 7 and always a 7

When you enter combat, the Buff drops off completely. Then the 7 shows up again after a few seconds when dropping combat. When you use the Trinket, and after cooldown has reset the 7 draws again and stays that way, always a 7

This seems to be a similar problem to the Cache of Aquired Treasures trinket in Shadowlands that would cycle through the 3 x effects but buff would drop off when entering combat and no longer show the cycle.


Same issue here. Please, advice!
My issue is with Darkmoon Deck Box: Inferno but same logic

Hi folks!

I’m sorry to hear you’re running into a bug, and we’d really appreciate you reporting it following this guide:



Reported in-game as a bug identical to this post on the same day