Darkmoon faire

(MĂ´e) #1

Lore wise, where is it located and why is it hidden away in the map ?

(Someoneelse) #2

It’s a mystery.


An island in middle of Great Sea, that’s all we know for now. :slight_smile:

Other than that, there can be some speculations or assumptions.

(Tèsla) #4

In a galaxy far far away…

(Nagrash) #5

Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to…

The eye is watching you.

(MĂ´e) #6

Never noticed how N’zoth straight up robed the Illuminati whole archive until i read this post.

(Looksmaxxed) #7

To be honest, the images of the city in azsharas video are all pyramids and obelisks. Another illuminati reference for ole Nzoth.

(MĂ´e) #8

So this makes Azshara the Beyonce of Azeroth… interesting

(Looksmaxxed) #9

A pertinent observation.

During her early years, I think while she was still performing with Destiny’s Child, she sang an ode to Nzoth.

I don’t think you’re ready to pump this jelly :octopus:

Seeing how she was the creative drive behind that group, it is only logical to assume we are dealing with a void worshipper.


dark side of the moon, my guess ^^

(MĂ´e) #11

And im here for it

(Shammoz) #12

It’s located in the secret Cow Level and only emerges every so often, then goes back…

(Punyelf) #13

If you venture out into the waters I think it tells you it’s in the Great Sea.

I like this cow level theory malarky though :smile::cow:

(Archronos) #14

No one knows.

Legends say, that Silas Darkmoon made a bargain with N’zoth to hid them away, to keep them safe from the charming beauty of Flynn Fairwind.

A beauty that no man, woman or child can resist, so they pledged themselves to N’zoth to keep them safe from the uncontrollable lust.

(MĂ´e) #15

MINE /char

(Moothilda) #16

Speaking of Darkmoon Faire… It seem to have gone comepletely off the calender in game :confused:

My supplies of fish heads on my chars have run out… I need Darkmoon Faire to get them back :weary: :fish:

(MĂ´e) #17

I noticed this morning, strange.

(Shammoz) #18

From another post…

(Moothilda) #19

Oh, my bad… I must have rushed over the post so I didn’t notice :yum:

(Keyur) #20

Real question is who is boss of Darkmoon fair and what’s his dark motive? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: