Daytime Raiding Guild 1200-1600 - Recruitment

(Calmdownia) #1
Hi Everybody,

My name's Calmdown, and I'm here to gauge interest in a daytime Mythic raiding guild.

My history in brief: I raided high-end raids for many years across various wow expansions; vanilla, TBC, WotLK, Cata, and WoD. I was a guild and raid leader for a very successful guild for many years, until I quit Wow because I was too busy to keep up the schedule - a familiar story for lots of us ex-hardcore raiders. Since returning to WoW for BFA I've tried unsuccessfully to find a skilled guild that raids on a light evening schedule, which is as much as I can do in the evening time with my real life.

I'm actually very much free in the daytime as I work from home, and I've spoken to a number of people in similar situations, so rather than continue looking for a high quality evening guild to join I'm interested in talking to people who want to raid during the daytime.

Times I'm looking at are likely 1200-1600 server time, 2-3 times per week. This isn't set in stone but I think would suit most people.

Skill-wise, I'm looking for high-end raiders; I'm not interested in your current progress as progress is easy with a good team. What I am interested in is your ability to play, listen, learn and adapt to new encounters quickly, and consistently show up on time and ready to raid.

If there's enough interest for this to go ahead, I'll be putting the full force of my time behind it and we can start recruiting and raiding right away. I'm sure that there are like-minded people around with similar schedules, who have the skills and ability but cant find a guild, and I think there is demand for daytime raiding.

If you've already raided mythic you know that Uldir is not a particularly hard zone, but it is full of failure checks for guilds that carry poor players as baggage. This being the case, I see no reason why we can't cutting edge mythic if there is enough interest in this quickly enough.

You can contact me on Calmdown#2955 (btag) or Calmdown#8516 (discord) if you'd like to discuss. I'm happy to have a chat even if you're just considering the idea or would like to know more.

(Impious) #2
Daytime Raiding would suit me really well lets hope this kicks off a trend. lightheart#2444

(Calmdownia) #3
Giving this a Sunday bump. A few people already interested and willing to commit, who else is out there up for some daytime raiding?


im looking for a daytime raiding guild.

(Brajendra) #5

I’m also looking for a daytime raiding guild. My current guild-mates are absolutely wonderful people but I’m now living in Malaysia and the time difference is 7 hours from server time (e.g. when raid time is 8.00 pm on the server, its already 3:00 am here).

About the Classic WoW guild: I dont know if that will make any difference if I am willing to raid in the present expansion. A reply in this case would be useful


Anyone intrested in daytime raiding are really welcome to us on Brilliance - The only Daytime raiding on EU Alliance.

Currently siting on 9/9HC and 1/9M , aiming to finish the core of our Mythic roster and start to work there.

Intrested? Nikkj#21972 for more information.