Dear Blizzard, your STV event is a stinking piece of

… but here is the solution: you apologize for failing your players this hard and until you solve lag and overcrowding issues, give us an option to take 500-1000 blood copper and opt out of this nonsense.


You could play Era you know or another game. No one is forcing you to play the stv event.
I like it:)


You only like it because you’re either masochist or have a class/spec that can exploit the lag.

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Hm I play a warrior. But with friends in discord it‘s quite fun. not optimal regarding coins but doesn’t matter it‘s a game

He’s not that wrong :smiley:


Since the event lags like crazy it’s currently not really enjoyable.

haha fair enough:D

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Not my problem.

Or he plays on a lower pop server like chaos bolt where it is way less laggy. On lone wolf on the other hand its literally unplayable during peak and impossible to have fun in the slightest.

Dont think anyone can really enjoy this. Even Mages that are farming 2-3k per event are not enjoying it because there is a 3-5sec lag when the boss spawns at the Arena.

There was bo lag when i playedit, But i stopped caring after i got my 15 silver.

Who would willingly do PvP unless you had to for gear?