Dear Corporate

The state of the game is dire. I know you like money! … WE KNOW YOU LIKE MONEY! … But in 15+ years of playing your “cash cow” beloved game I have never felt a more greater repulsion against something the game has provided for me to consume!!!

I encourage everyone participating in this post to have a series of demands! Because you vote with you ‘wallet’ / credit card… and you deserve to ask anything ‘virtually made up’ that just has the purpose to feed your emotional intrigue or any curiosity that pertains within the boundaries of the purpose of the game itself.

Your developers have gone rampant ! (except the ones playing with colors & crayons & musical instruments) … You know too well what developers I am talking about! The ones that call the shots about what number does a virtual monkey sells you a cookie to restore your virtual health or some mana potion beverage, if that said number is 2 [Copper]/[Silver]/[Gold] or 10.000 (ten thousand) [Coalescing Visions].

And I’m not saying that 10.000 number might be wrong, because in the long term might be right or even too low. But the fact that if you work a long day to get those … for example purposes lets say they are called 10.000 doll-hars. And then you get to take those ‘doll-hars’ to a shop to spend on something that makes you feel good. To feel that your work had value and purpose! And lets say you buy a box that is advertised to have quality things in it. And it does not.
Even more to find out when you open that box to find some toxic material that would harm your emotional needs and even your health. And finally the empty box with toxic substances in it worthless and not worth your time, effort and hard earn ‘doll-hars’.

Or lets just say an example that is equally pertinent. And that example goes like this: After a day of work you go gambling, and you are faited to lose each time you want to pick your own numbers or the dealer will tell you what numbers to pick and you will get back 10% or a fraction of your value that you paid.

Or just take your hard earned ‘doll-hars’ and give them to a stranger to burn them in front of you without any power of decision if you want to burn them all at once or slowly 1 by 1. You don’t get a say on that matter if what you had gets destroyed fast or slowly.

I really don’t know how they can salvage this one. Because you will lose a lot of money. And I’m just saying to look around, because the smell of sadness is in the air, spewing from your ‘consumers’ lungs. Just check the majority of posts / likes on negative comments and what topics you can find since the release of the patch day.

Dear corporate overlords… You are sleeping! While others trick you with numbers that sound good. Because the ones that put them there might not have had the best inspiration or intentions, but need to make you feel safe and reassured your investment had the most talented people working on them. Well, except the ones working with numbers that are settling and selling / rewarding you for your time wasted in a virtual make-belief-world that is supposed to make you feel better. But in fact it creates sadness and brings emotions of loss, decay of time/value of the time or work invested.

My demands would make the ‘numbers’ people admit they have made a mistake or you made a mistake trusting in their judgement that those numbers are right.

  • Refund all the [Coalescing Visions] that have been spent untill now for participating in any event that required them.

  • Increase the cap for [Coalescing Visions] from the actual 25.000 to 1.000.000 (one million) or remove it entirely.

  • Make all the events for the encounters that required [Coalescing Visions] as a currency until the cloak reaches level or rank 10, all FOR FREE.

  • After the legendary cloak reaches rank/level 10. A minor fee in [Coalescing Visions] could be applied with it rising in price as the rank of the cloak grows. But make it so that the performance of those who try and achieve more to receive back a full refund of the quantity invested or more if the performance exceeded expectations.

  • A set of guaranteed (100% chance drop) rewards based on the performance to be delivered after each atempt or failure.

  • Failure without reaching any objective or partially achieving something that is counted on a meeter in that specific time invested by the ‘consumer’ should be refunded in full if their performance is 0%, or they should get 90% back if their performance at the moment of failure was just 10%. (Personally if you ask me, they should splinter/shard the bigger key in smaller keys that can eventually make again bigger keys from the smaller keys when they aquire more failure from their bigger keys atempts.)

And as I conclude I want to make it clear that the real currency here is ‘Time’ that is being invested by the people that pay you money for all your virtual make blief services and you should respect their time!

(Add any demand that you see fit, regarding the game, representing an issue that needs to be addressed.)


This is the stupidest idea I ever read. Like really, do you want to somebody hold your hands while playing? Maybe play instead of you?

You want to take away all fun / difficulty from visions :frowning:


Ok my demand is no changes of that system at all. It is challenging, you can actually fail and you can’t run it all over again which is part of that risk.

Maybe, just maybe, they could add “practice horrific visions” which cost you nothing but ofc give you nothing. Just to practice :wink:


All this huge wall of text about corporate greed and stuff…
Just to ask Bliz for easy-sandbox mode?


You look quite silly posting a message to ‘corporate’ on here…

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U can ask whatever u want ( care for bans tho) but if u want some serious answers from some1 in charge, forums are probably bad way how to do it…

Also all this text basicly for nothing? Realy?

I wouldn’t blame the Devs personally, I’d sooner say that whatever dept. goes over finances is to blame.
That department is the reason 800 people had to leave, including much of the quality assurance which is exactly the issue with this patch, that’s not fair to blame on Devs.

Personally I don’t mind the visions not dropping gear, kind of relieved because otherwise I’d just snowball until near hc raid ilvl again before actually entering a dungeon or raid

The only thing wrong about visions is that the currency is way too high.

OP failed a vision didn’t he?



Damn you, corporate. Damn you to hell and back.


I mean I dislike the system that allows people to end up permanently behind everyone else because they mess up (several times, before they actually end up being permanently behind), but I’m not saying the idea is inherently bad, or greedy, or anything along the lines.

I just dislike it. It’s personal preference.

But I’ll agree on the cap. I feel like having Vessels not stack, thus taking up to 5 times as much inventory space as necessary and Coalescing Visions being capped at 2.5 Vessels is going to be a major pain (for people who are AWFUL at inventory management and run around with several different sets of azerite gear, trinkets and weapons, such as me) in the future. Make them stack at least? Pretty please?

Also if several people inside a vision get booted out of a vision at the very same time, for no client sided reasons (since it’s quite obvious when people with different internet providers, at different PCs, at different places in their country have a disconnect at the same time that there’s no client sided issue at hand) I feel like they should (at least) receive refunds on their vessels and not get a pre written response telling them to check their UI folder, but perhaps I’m a bit biased on that part :upside_down_face:

I don’t think anyone can be left behind, too much, in the few first weeks. But the ‘learning curve’ or the demand from the event itself is a bit too harsh for the effort required to obtain the keys for the visions.

I worked for multiple days to get an extra key to try again and my efforts of hard work got destroyed in 5 minutes of ‘panic mode vision’. At least for M+ if you run out of time you can still get to finish it and still get loot. And you don’t even have to work too much for entering a mythic 5 man key.
The value of the required effort just does not match at least equally the value of the reward for your precious time wasted.

If you don’t raid mythic you will always be behind others too. Why care about being behind with cloak? Why should you have the same level of cloak if you are much worse than those who cap it every week? And moreover, you will NEVER be behind with cloak if you improve. Because you can catchup. There will be only 1 level of cloak each week but you will have 3 visions per week to upgrade it.

I don’t really get the 10k complaint when the cloak is hard capped.

It’s gonna be an issue 2 months from now when you decide to level an alt because your main has a 15 cloak and you got the raid on farm or if you’re here on the forums typing but aren’t gonna start on your cloak until next month but it’s not currently an issue.


Yes, I failed multiple visions. And its not the shareholder’s (corporate) fault.
It is actually the fault of those that are drunk on power after they get in strategic decisional possitions within companies. What good is to feel like an indie game developer mindset and “just want to make the game hard” for the sake of it. Their gating of content suggests a limitation of their mental capacities to come up with good design. They are limited in their understanding of design. They must be fired, replaced and someone with a more ‘easy > to > hard’ approach mentality. Not ‘hard’ > to > ‘easy’ approach as we have now, and after it gets easy their only solution is to put a gating system in place that you can’t advance more then 1-2 ranks per week. Because there are more simple solutions for that with a good design.

It is your fault because you are bad. Get better in game, thats is your solution. You can catchup next week. It is not bad design just because you fail.


Sit down troll. Would you like me to put you to work for 2 days then tell you what you have worked for will be taken away and you will be given almost nothing in return?

Again. It was taken away by yourself because you are bad. It is not because of bad game design :wink:


So I see you are agreeing with me when I say that the designers that made ‘the taking away’ are bad. :slight_smile:

No, I like this risk/lose system because it actually punishes my mistakes.