Dear WOW players

i made a smiliar topic aprox. 1 year ago and i discussed some analogies with wow universe with our reality.
Than it turned into a short debate and i believe we had fun, so i am trying to recreate a story.

But firstly i must congratulate Ion Hazikostas for the development of wow as it turns out i found joys elsewhere so this is a sincere - sarcasm-free - acknowledgment. You did great!

So… sylvanas and sargeras sword…

what if i told you the sword is really inside our earth? it’s a little less obvious to see, but you can see it’s devastation wherever you look.
we are using money to destroy and decay the natural resources when we could be using Natural energies in analogue ways like Nikola Tesla and many others continued… Wilheim Reich is one of the true man that lived - and died 1 week before being released from the prison in which he was put with false derogations.
we are lucky, Erick P. Dollard is still alive and well and he still got a third of unsupressed lectures on youtube.
He often says the words Mind Virus… I scoffed at that at first, but than i seen it… i am a demon hunter at soul… i hunt demons… i can speak to them.
demons i say?
mind virus, A.I., sargeras sword, archons, jins… its all the same realy

But he went on and said that DIGITAL technology is deliberate as it carries the swords… its a trojan-horse put in every home and in every pocket.

Tesla and others comunicated without time delays yet we use retarded waves from satelites and antenaes.

This world is in reverse but we are Heroes of Azeroth.

we posses a digital brain and an analogue Hear.
If your heart bits, you are alive.
If you listen to your Heart, you are in the (k)now.

I am working on free energy… Gerard Morin explains it very well… kind of a distopian Hunger Games quadrology.

You know the fight between good and evil, black and white, + and -?
The true battel is between analogue technology (macro analogue was Tesla domain)
micro analogue was Wilheim Weich
micro digital is the devils domain.

The battle of the digital brain and analogue Heart.

Free energy will save us, hopefuly before we destroy ourselves… and 5g is near the end as it can remotely influence your brain… you won’t require a phone in your pocket or an LCD screen with photoelectric effect destroying our health.

Games are a distraction while we destroy ourselves, religion alike and money is an illusion.

Good day fellow humans, digital zombies - the cure - is; meditation and reconnection with associative self instead of dissociative digital technology.

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And that’s why I’m against legalizing weed :rofl:


weed produces positive orgone while alcohol negative orgone

Have you seen smoker hitting a child? i didnt but i’ve seen the demon in alcohol


There is indeed this conspiracy theory that Tesla found “Infinite energy source” and that it was suppressed by the contemporary energy barons, but Tesla has been dead for a hundred years and since then noone came up with anything similar despite progression in technology.

well anyway.

i believe the mind virus is too strong to reason with words… you always get a digital click if its true or not and most of you start wit the NOT command so it’s hard to comprehend.
But i’ve givven enough names so you get a better picture.

Electricity is not thought in schools, or what is thought is pure falsehood.

If i whistle or blow the same amount of wair through my lips, the resonating whistle will be heard.
resonance equals energy, yet our transistors BUZZ… The sun is a pulsar it resonates/radiates. It is not a nuclear fusin as atomism is a lie :smiley:

silly world, with your fit in the air and your head on the fround.

Eric Dollard reproduced Tesla’s work.
His laboratory was destroyed tho and was made a vagabond.
He still loves to teach, he is a Genius!

Man, I checked this name, his page sells his books on the subject. Not a good start.

Don’t you think with the current buzz surrounding electricity (cars, scooters, trucks) some company would have taken him on as a chief engineer if his claims were 100% authentic.

I have an example from rl, a company in my country developed some electric engine with better conversion rates than anything that was available on the market so far, this was 10-ish years ago.
Within a month or a very very short period after that I stumbled upon an article in the local financial press that Siemens, a giant multinational, bid for the entire company and has since bought it and works with that technology nowadays.

well you don’t need to buy anything… it’s on youtube whatever is left.

As its explained, the chief directors of companies are in the know… but are not humans… they have no empathy and their job is to halt any efficient development.
if you start digital we have to go smaller and smaller but it’s not the right way… we need to reproduce analogous to nature resonance.
Everything is resonance… a photon is an effect not a source etc.
Siemens is archonic
Listen to the electric trains… they work on 10khz oscilations
our motors work on 50hz efficiency curve.

Tesla motors works on impulses and uses the “imploding” factor in efficiency while our tech works only on “explosive” technology.
We use inductance and whenever you induce something you produce stress.
new motors are coming from asia (this is why trump imposed a market penality) that does not use iron… only magnets and copper and are ner 80 or 90% efficient (this is what i suppose)

Analogue technology is the savior

Photon is an effect of what?

And it is a source. Of light, miniscule amounts of energy and information.

Idk the rest is just too far out. I’d suggest you get into Erich Von Daniken next. Should be right up your alley.

a photon is part of the Aether phenomena.

quantum phisics is digitalization of analogue phenomena from the wrong point of view.

So… everything is a wave, resonance, energy… every atom is 1 pixel but 1 atom will never be alone… it all strives for balance.
When we meassure and observe the emmision of light, it becomes phisical as we INFORMED the Aether.
Similary, if we lay our conscious awareness on LCD screen there is an interaction going on.
A microfone is a speaker and a speaker a microfon
an LCD screen can produce electricity if exposed on the sun … everything is unidirectional.

Animism explains the truth, while darwin explains atomistic lies.

An electron is an effect, not a property. There are no electrons flowing between the lines

Okay, mate, bye.

btw…lay off the cvicek, it’s not working out that well I think. Tho this could all be atomistic lies too. :grin:

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i dont drink alcohol for many years
as i become grumpy and start projecting my own problems onto others.

He explains the workings, but i wouldn’t do what he did 30 minutes in. I would of filter the signal with at least 2 more spark gaps.
But you will see the effect
Similary Tesla showed this technology in Europe 120 years ago… they continued the work and discovered anti-gravity.
than the bankers - human like creatures - organized ww1… than ww2…

And lastly.

I will use 1 more token so you recieve my next step of re-discovery of the wheelworks of nature. As you might understand i don’t play games anymore - i search for solutions.

Ill make a resonant tesla gun just to kill the g5 grid if it comes in europe and i can feel it’s effect… ill share all i discover. I still persist on facbook as a personal bible on how to learn to think for yourselves instead of following the system that is killing us.

Matjaz Hec

I see your scientific ways and im trying really hard to understand what you preach but i will eventually figure it out in the meantime here is a guy that inspired me to do Science and research on Astronomy and the universe i even read his books Carl Sagan Cosmos and his Demon haunted world one.i even wrote my research based on Carl Sagans writings they helped me out to build the basis of research i use even today.

Model, dj nehi no.
Pa razglasat po netu kako bos naredu pusko pa razstrelu neki tut ni najboljsa ideja.

Veliko srece z vsem. I guess.

Yea its not the best idea to say that he will make a shotgun to shoot something its a crime :stuck_out_tongue: and on the forums nontheless i can understand your language since its Slovenian and im a Slav aswel.Either way best of luck to his research i wish him aswel.

So you want to tell me weed dont damage your lungs, braaaaaaaaaain? xD
Dont become paranoid?
This is so typical weed guy story :joy:

Feelings of panic and fear (paranoia)
Trouble concentrating
Decreased ability to perform tasks that require coordination
Decreased interest in completing tasks
Decreased ability to perform tasks that require coordination

So this is why we have to much bad players in Wow right now. :joy:

To be honest, that description fits perfectly for alcohol too. I am not a weed guy, never tried it and probably never will, but I have a lot of experience from alcohol, good and bad. Beer, wine and bourbon are fine, but vodka usually makes me angry so I don’t drink that :joy::sunglasses:

In past I was worst than some Russian ( I m half russian xD )with votka :joy:
But in that stage never hit someone, make fight …something agresive so it is not by alcohol it is person itself . True is weed, alcohol etc make damage your body , only what is different with weed is that helps some people in medical way. Patient with cancer make help with easier to undergo with chemo therapy, it opens the appetite, relieves pain.

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Instead of arguing on forum you can go out and use this energy and time to plant trees. This world doesn’t need talkers, it needs people who take action. Im sick and tired of people preaching while not doing anything themselves.

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