Death Knights are awful

At the moment DKs cannot 2v2 properly unlike every other class. There is only one viable build for 3v3 and your only goal is to keep people in place so your Kyrian Warrior can cleave as you do your chillstreak combo otherwise outside of your burst window, you are absolutely nothing. There is NO defensives against physical damage and your DEATH STRIKE DOES NOT WORK which is a total joke. Since day 1 of this class, your aim is to be on top of your target at any time to heal yourself yet as of now it is a massive problem if you go toe to toe with another melee and you cannot kite the target as well as other classes since the DK class is not for kiting.

Unholy has quite a lot of problems since they changed how mastery worked for them and then nerfed it in pve which greatly reduced pet damage in pvp. Necrotic strike has always been the bread and butter of this spec yet it is useless as how it is now. Again DEATH STRIKE DOES NOT WORK. I literally laugh whenever I face an unholy dk and feel bad for the guy.

Frost dk got 2h back which is great because we like our weapons big for our ( so called juggernauts with zero survivability ) right? Legion expansion ended 2h playstyle and we all expected changes to the spec when they announced 2h coming back but instead we got 2h cosmetically and our big obliterates are missing. DEATH STRIKE DOES NOT WORK. Pre-patch frost DK nerfs completely OBLITERATED the spec and weakened it greatly which forced people to become grip bots that throw snowballs and that is it… this is what DKs’ main purpose is.

Are you out of your mind Blizzard?! Making this class the juggernaut class and giving it absolutely no defensives! Do you guys even play the game?! Playing this class makes absolutely no sense yet instead you choose to abandon this class instead of fixing the mess that you have made.

Literal summary of DKs : Awful damage outside of burst window, zero pressure on target, worst self healing class even though death strike has always been considered your main tool ( defensive ) , wheelchair, no defensives against melee.

I am not even going to talk about blood. The spec needs a lot of work for it to become a functioning spec…


What I’m most confused about DK is :

  1. not reverting BfA tuning ( this is the most bizarre thing)
  2. claiming they don’t want abilities to have different stats in PvP and pve because it might be confusing for the player, yet almost all DMG/healing modifiers for DK are different in PvE and PvP, and it’s not even mentioned. The poor guy leveling his DK thinking “hey death strike is pretty neat and engaging !” Is in for a treat
    And the most confusing in all of this is that DK were really looked after and cherished during SL beta, like I believe they had the most insight from developers across all specs? And yet they forgot to remove BfA DMG modifiers?
    I’ll disagree with you on some points though, DK isn’t really a wheelchair, chains of ice and death advance do a lot( not ww level but miles ahead of Ret or enhancement) and about their dmg well… That’s one thing I’m not concerned with DK, especially since unholy got its mastery to also apply to pets, they’ll scale tremendously well.
    What DK need (imo) is effective damage and self heal, basically Necrotic and death strike buffs.

UDK, yes its really sadly about this spec state. I always liked multipurpose specs. UDK can almost everything in PvP and PvE - he can be TC, def a node, play as RL, do pressure in AOE, ST, cleave. Do a job in range/melee, a lot of kicks - prevents, good utilities. Complex, interesting spec. I played in swtor darkness assasin and find something similar here. But like in swtor, WoW devs favor to nonsense 1 iq playstile specs or rework them to spam 1 button… :roll_eyes:

The thing is, there is absolutely nothing to do against melee and no way of defending ourselves against physical damage since we cannot heal ourselves. Some people would mention buffs to death strike but I completely believe that the nerf should be entirely reverted and the DKs would be able to heal themselves as long as they can stand atop the target. The class has been designed to be the slow juggernaut of the game yet mobility has never been an issue because a DK is slow yet unstopabble, and actually the fastest while slowed and our utility revolves around slowing down opponent, breaking fears and stuns or gripping the target towards us to be on top of them which is why our only reasonable defensive is ( WAS ) death strike. DKs used to heal themselves as long as they they could death strike ( a whole lot less than how DHs healed in BfA during meta ) but now since we have no defensives and our only ability which made this class unique to play is totally useless… It is ridiculous and meaningless to play a DK.

Yep fully agree but we press on!

Yeah, Death Strike is horrible. I don’t understand why self-healing should ever do less than off-healing, since you can only use it on yourself. DH is suffering from the same issue.

40% Versatility bonus from PvP trinkets doesn’t work on pet damage and we even still have Legion nerfs applied to us: Cold Heart only does 33% damage, Fallen Crusader gives 10% instead of 15% STR, Breath of Sindragosa only does 50% damage, Frostwyrm’s Fury only does 33% damage.

There are all old nerfs that are still applied today.

Also Frost DKs core mechanic Killing Machine essentially doesn’t work in PvP since we need to gear for Versatility + Mastery we end up with no Crit chance to get any procs, meaning our sustained damage outside of Pillar of Frost is practically non-existent.

Fun fact: We have similar health pools to WotLK S8 right now and I had to laugh (cry) while looking at old WotLK footage and seeing DKs do more damage in WotLK than they do now. They also had a far better kit.

Scourge Strike and Death Coil both do less than half the damage they did in WotLK you can Crit like 5K coils in WotLK, Gargoyle hits for 400 damage right now… It did 2K-3K+ non-crit in WotLK and so on…

For some reason pretty much every other class is doing more damage than they did in WotLK except DK, even though health pools are only slightly higher.


and throw snowballs as we do…

DK really isn’t that bad


Pretty sure they mean unholy dk

Did it ever cross your mind if cutrent WoG is too strong, so was BFA DS ?

Defensive buffs yeah i dont mind, but DK also has other flaws that warrant changes.

It feels atrocious to plan against CoI, Grip, Necro Grip, Disorient into stun.

We dont need DS to be broken again. A bit buffed, yes maybe but no way in hell BFA value that are current WoG values.

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Frost dk deals more dmg then any other meele maybe not ret.


Death Strike was not even decent in BfA. What are you talking about?

In bfa s1 it got buffed so high that s2 of bfa ppl played double unholy + healer and was still op in s3 and then s4 it got finally nerft.

Idk what ur on about

And due to this ridiculous nerf after seasons that you mentioned, it did not work properly even upon massively haste stacked builds.

But in your words it was not even decent in bfa? Which is not true so jaki ia right


The nerf was too hard and made the class miserable to play considering it is the only thing DK can do to defend against melee. DKs have always had spikey health bars yet as of now, it only goes down and down. Plus upon seeing how broken WW Monk damage is and every arms warrior is an overlord at the moment, DKs are awful.

I faced a bunch of frost dks and let me tell u frost dk is more then fine so u have to rather reroll it or play Another class.

For example zeepyes words.

“I did Not even practise frost dk but i did most dmg thats how easy fdk is”

And fire mages are garbage

You don’t know what you are talking about so quit trolling this post.

Yea man ur a challenger s1 of sl :slight_smile:maybe delete the poste.