Death Rising, Week 2

The additional second-week content of the Shadowlands Pre-patch, Death Rising, is now available in this region. New quests are now available in Icecrown and capital cities, and you are advised to take extra precautions.

Zombies are invading!


How do I unsubscribe for a week?


What are you talking about? I got the achievement 5 hrs ago

Just dont log in. Jeez did you mix the vinegar with the coffee this morning?


Still looking for it

Can you please make them not invade the portal hubs at least? :confused:


Give Blizzard a chance, I’m sure they will fix it until 9.2

Oh blue. knowing full well what’s going on in the forums, you just had to troll people right now :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Are you seriously telling me to keep paying for a game I cannot log in to due to the massive amounts of griefing happening?


It does seem that people who don’t want the zombies are struggling with them and those that want the zombies are struggling to find them. A friend found a load at Crossroads in the Barrens but I don’t know if that is still the case now :slight_smile:

I just wish they had put on their thinking caps and added an extra line of code specifying that only war mode flagged people can see and be griefed by zombies. :man_shrugging:


So basicaly the plan is to go to … empty map .

Mighty scourge lady and gentlemen !

Just kill a cockroach in a city

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It’s way too lackluster imo. I want to see hundreds of zombies attack a city at once, inconvenience be damned it’s only a week anyway. Freakin’ tumbleweeds in Orgrimmar right now, no scourge in sight :unamused:

Just fix the WarMode option for people not interested.


Ask your mommy to stop paying for your subscription would be my guess.


Well, thank the community for that. It was like that when i logged on the ptr the first time to check it, but then everyone started crying about it and it got nerfed into this meh whatever we have on retail now.

No there are not. argent dawn is the only server with actual zombies in it. and there are still far more people hunting the zombies down there.

Do not allow flying during this event and un nerf the zombies. Otherwise there basicly is no event at all

To be fair all that feedback was under the assumption that we was having a really short pre-patch, instead we’ve had the longest.
Also the main argument I saw was that on patch day people want to log in and play their class and see the new changes, not do the zombies. That no longer applies since patch day was like what… a month ago? Slightly over?

So how do you get infected if no zombies around? Haven’t seen any plague crates/critters either. (warmode on)