Death Strike is trash

Death Strike, as of now is even worse than how it was in season 1 of SL. This nerf has to be reverted asap otherwise the class itself will be trash in pvp.


Just throw it out of actionbar and pretend it doesn’t exist.


If you play unholy use chain death and go for the disease/pet build…
You can do decent vs melee for a while and save runic power for the DS for when they get on you.
2 death advance charges, chains applying to 2 targets etc.

But ye we’re a caster in paperplate now and die super fast in bg/skirmish to melee without a healer. 1v1 decent enough if you can kite long enough.

I’ll be rerolling though. I didn’t roll plate to run for my life from leather wearing c***s.

I will stay dk i never reroll, in a way i still want to make caster lives a nightmare!
That’s my goal this season.

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fo the community to understand

an over nerf to a class will make a proportion of that class reroll

so in short.

  • you will see less DKs and more gaurdian druids / DH / rogues now.

have fun in s1 guys


I wish you the best on your journey to be an annoyance to casters!

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That’s a reasonable thing to do since even rogues outheal DKs at this point.


This is the best, pressing deathstrike just cost runing power and nothing changes. Just remove it and use it for lichbourne deathcoil heals!

I rerolled myself within 5 minutes after i saw the nerfs.

No NONE of you are looking at the season bigger picture when Health scales further and we’re in a 3v3 environment with a healer and dps. DK would not die with a good healer pre nerfs and the it would cause games to extend to insane levels.

DK do not need any of the nerfs reverting.

Everybody seeing the solo play element… Oh I can’t just deathstrike my to win in world pvp / BG / Double DPS Skirms…

However the amount of survival DK have with the health pool would make them virtually tanks in 3s

Lichborne healing does nothing too especially if you have ms on you.


No one will argue with you that it needed to be adjusted, the point is that you can’t just slap a 50% nerf on something and call it a day. They buffed guardian 50% aura damage and now they clap everyone.

They could have started off with 25% and if it was still too high for their liking, tweak it more two weeks later. That is why you need constant balance patches every two weeks or so. You don’t want SL s1 again where warriors for example went unchanged or hardly changed for an entire season.

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Dude, seriously, just keep quite if you don’t have a single clue what you are talking about! You need alone 4 CoI for 1 DS and since most melees have mortal strike, your DS will do 4-5% healing then.

And if you think you could ever win a duel versus Feral or Assa rogue by trying to kite them, you must be drunk! You would actually do them a favor to try it. Also the other melees are not getting impressed by that, as most have enough mobility to get to you.

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Clearly we have a very different experience vs these melees.
I’m playing UH, I realise kiting might not be in favour of frost though.

Rake does more than your whole diseases combined. Add Rip and Moonfire to it as much as your pet will die passively, as rake and rip are AoE now. All that finished up with passive 20% ms.

And while he can just always run away, wait for stun drs while healing himself, you can’t do anything against it.

Same for assa rogue. He can’t heal himself that much, but still has a lot of defense that a UDK can’t bypass.

So from my point of view, I would say you mostly fought undergeared or bad melees when you think so. DK is a class, that is doing incredible well versus bad players, but good players counter dks easily, especially on classes where physical damage is combined with mortal strike effects.

Dk is still very strong i dont know what you are talking about before the nerf i was 1v3 r1 players while doing 30-40k dps it was not ok …

Most r1 DKs say its unplayable and most of them dropped DK now and play something else.

  • Whaazz instantly dropped DK when he heard about the nerfs, so we know DK is no longer fotm as he only plays fotm!
  • Mes dropped DK after a testing session and its usually his main class, so that means already something.
  • Petkick who stated first that DK will still be fine after the nerfs has rowed back recently and says it is no longer viable.
  • Cervantes tweeted something about dk a few hours ago

I haven’t seen a single main DK player who said its still somewhat fine. I have even seen some R1 Fury warriors who said they feel bad about how easy it is to kill DKs now.

I think they are a lot more valid source than you are. :slight_smile:

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Whazz plays to archive his goals. Does not mean that dk is bad or unplayable… It just means he don’t want to have to try and play properly on it.

Nothing comes close to rogue anyway, as usual. Except maybe tanks…
So my guess is he’s going back to one of those lol

they play tournament not ladder thats why .

I think only Whaazz and Mes are playing tournaments out of that four and they obviously play ladder as well! Anyways, when they kick a class out of their roaster, it means they don’t see a chance that class could be good versus any comp. Says everything about the state of a class.

I mean, even player like Trillebartom stated, that the nerf was a total overkill.

I really don’t know who you are to defend a spec that most people call not being viable any longer.

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