Death to the alliance

The disgusting peace treaty should be destroyed. Also Thrall and Baine should be executed for high treason. To make their deaths as painful as possible let them burn alive on a pyre. After the architects of peace are dead we will declare war on the alliance scum and finish what we started with Teldrassil. No peace to the alliance scum ever. Death to everything alliance always. Loktar!


Oh. Him again.


Wave proudly the flag of war!
Just kidding, but look You still have a flag :slight_smile:


My mission is not over until the alliance is deleted from the game.

Death to the horde. I also think the armistice should not have existed. Horde deserves to be wiped from the existence and remaining members should be put in work camps to fix the damage they have done to azeroth in 33+ years of their allegiance existing.


Look we got a fascist here. Cute. You are just salty because the Horde managed to bring the Alliance down to their knees multiple times.

Good luck with that…
And then what ?
You know what happens when warmongers run out of enemies ? They start fighting among themselves, remove Alliance and then what we get :
75% says it would be Horde Civil War.
In opposite scenario Alliance would just simply fall apart, like after second war and that stuff.
Both factions just need each other to exist.
But You are too lost to understand and believe in absurds like that list of Yours full of raid bosses.

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I’m pretty sure the PvP community would be really angry that there is no one to fight against

Alliance is already on the path of extinction so I think your dream will come soon anyway

Well you have to admit I made an improvement. I stopped demanding only the void elves to be deleted.

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Hmmm true I guess

I am with u man , i also hate the alliance. loktar!


The one that shall be hanged will be you, blood elf.

“Fascist” being called by someone who plays a faction that committed about 5 genocides, 2 times nearly wiping the races as a whole and having a warchief who intended on wiping literally every single race except his chosen orcs lmao

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For every thread Erevien posts, Ion is going to emerge from his lair and nerf Fire Mage.

It’s the only way to save the other Alliance capitals :flushed:

To be fair, the players have no choice in what story blizz writes, and may have prefered completely different outcomes.
I for one think that after Wrath no faction war made sense and they felt forced and stupid…
Erevien on the other hand is clearly a troll, who wants to kill everyone except his queen and fellow Sylvanas-Simps.

I’m not digging up filth on horde players. but on the ingame faction lorewise and this singular person specifically. calling me fascist because I want to put genocidal, dishonorable scum in work camps. I’m not even going to defend my point on why they deserve it, anyone who needs to ask should read 2nd chronicle or actually play the game lmao

Nah, he would kill them too, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

I live to serve only.

Oh this guy again,well I guess he just can’t keep these things for himself, and I have a feeling he likes drama too

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My fight is not over until the alliance lose everything they love and is utterly humiliated in the story.