Deathbolt was over buffed

40-50k none crits with a sub 0.5 second cast time when combine with Power Infusion.

I understand Affliction isn’t that well represented but this is purely due to the sheer strength of Windwalker, Arms Warrior and Hunters with the Feign Leggo that allows them to remove every single one of the warlocks dots and Arms / Windwalker damage is overtuned by a good 30-40% during cds.

That being said, giving Affliction warlock the ability to take 90%++ of somebody health in 0.5 isn’t the answer,

heavily nerf death bolt in-addition tow arriors, windwalker and hunters


He can do it once every like two minutes after very predictable setup all you have to do is just to dispel dots, why are you complaining?
It will only hit prot paladins super hard but they deserve it so it’s a good thing.
As a shaman you can also just ground it


Warlock’s would’ve been S tier whole SL if it wasn’t WW/arms/hunter this expansion, but they won’t tell you that.



I call that bs I was hit for 58k last night. Not really predictable. Locks should get a rework done so they actually find time to play. But not playing with a lock counter class, death bolt seems so gimmicky and it just tilts to lose vs that.
Lock unholy dk and mw will be super good, as soon as ww Necro Warr and rog are bad


maybe the cast time is 0.5 sec but the sett up for this takes about 6 sec , as shaman u can remove a curse , Aff has only shadow school and soul rot , when u ground the soulrot u can take away almost 10k of the damage cause the PS normaly follows after woods , The slow already got removed and u can take as a shaman agony of also what is again a big part of the damage . whats your plan to compensate a B Tier specc in the current meta then ?

But what about healers that can’t do anything about the DMG?

The DMG is just not fine like that, it’s unhealthy for the game.

I am not saying that I think lock is nearly as opressive as ww or Warr or hunter.

But dieing to a really really really bad design is just frustrating.

I agree. The buff on Deathbolt wasn’t needed at all.

You’re laughing because it’s true?

It is very predictable. The damage is only huge with Soul Rot an Dark Glare active.

The setup doesn’t justify the damage though.

There is literally no healer that can’t do anything about the damage. Every healer can dispell the dots. UA dispell damage is a joke. I had my UA dispell hit for 5k last night. Wow, such damage, much dangerous. Every healer can wall+dispell. Especially hpala has a one minute wall that lines perfectly with Soul Rot. Press wall, dispell on Soul Rot, nothing’s ever gonna die.

Anyways, the design is trash. Affli is supposed to be a rot specc and instead they decided to give him a oneshot too…


I’ve also been hit for waaaay more then 5k from dispell. Also having a priest sit to trinket you or mind games you is a tricky thing to deal with. A 20% wall doesn’t do the trick vs 58k bolt just so you know.

Good locks also just wait for dispell, so yea the DMG isn’t justified at all.

Even if it crits for 25k this is not enough to create any pressure anymore since all your dots are gone then and you can recover.

Your fault for staying in his line.

Oof. I said “wall + dispell”, not “wall + eat Deathbolt”. The wall is going to reduce the already meaningless dispell damage from UA.

And bad healers will dispell before Soul Rot. :man_shrugging:

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y but deathbolt could crit before with over 100 k ^^ aff has currently so mutch design issues , but in current meta the dot and rot strat isnt working pretty well

This was a onetimer that was setup in a wargame with every possible modifier that benefits lock without any definsives used by the enemy team.

But yeah, in a time where everyone can insta heal themselves for 35k (enh insta heal says hi) or run and vivify themselves to top and everyone and their grandparents are necrolord and can fleshcraft themselves up the rot meta is kinda nonexistent. You basically have to live until 75% dampening before your damage starts to matter and since warrior is so broken op you see them everywhere so it’s not very likely you live that long.

Come on… Let’s count them down, shall we?
Required Globals for Deathbolt to deal significant dmg:

  1. Agony
  2. Corruption
  3. Unstable Affliction (hard cast, shadow school)
  4. Phantom Singularity (45 sec CD)
  5. Soul Rot (hard cast, 1 min CD)
  6. Darkglare

Like… If you don’t see this coming I don’t know. Every melee has so many ways to stop the warlock halfway through and most casters do have at least enough to screw up the setup in the decisive moment…

I just don’t get why blizzard added stuff like this or dagger in the back or even shattering throw.

Like who the f thought it was a good idea? xD

Yep nothing else in the game that might need to dispelled ever.

I am just saying the design is broken, if you think is super, enjoy it.

Damn, you are very bad at reading.

Well that’s the issue of git gud. If affli uses 6 gcds to prepare his combo and you can see it coming and keep your dispel ready that’s on you.
And don’t dare complaining about 20k ua crits. Noone builds crit on affli, with a base chance of what,5%? That’s only one our of 20 casts that will crit. Which you only see if you keep spamming dispel which means that the dispel protection is working as intended and punishing you properly. Honestly I’d say it should have 100% crit chance just to stop people like you from dispelling it all the time.
In tbc UA dispel hits around 5k which is almost half of your hp every time.

Anyone remember when Affliction had soulswap, and their damage came from rot damage? Good times.

Wonder why they decided to flush the fun spec down the toilet

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Average dispell damage of UA. Literally insignificant. The enemy was a druid and he only ever dispelled when i prepared a Deathbolt. Needless to say we lost. I mean, he was running with ww and a warrior which is playing arena not even on easy mode but on assistant but eh, w/e i guess. :man_shrugging:

dEaThBoLt Is UnCoUnTeRaBlE

Snapshotting dots broke the class.
People were top dpsers in raids while naked.

Snapshotting had nothing to do with the rework, but okay. They’ve removed snap shotting from pretty much everything a few expansions ago