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Hello everyone first of all I didnt play the legion Dk campaing what I wonder is whats the role of the Bolvar when we play legion Dk campaing can someone please explain me Whats happening ? I finished campaing as druid and shaman they kinda become leader of their own faction what happens to deathlord what is deathlord means ? İs Bolvar controls us ? İ there any other deathlord are we becoming LK ?

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Deathlord is just the new leader of the Ebon Blade aka the PC. LK remains Bolvar. Deathlord is a different character entirely.

Bolvar basically does what he always does - sit around in his freezer and accomplish shadowy business that we don’t know about. Bolvar and the Deathlord entered an agreement to work together and for the PC to not fail, or Bolvar’ll take back his missing Necropolis. No he doesn’t control us. Post-Legion Deathlord is just…not talked about.

Oh and we take the sparkle knights down a few pegs cos someone has to! Laughs in Liadrin

On a side note: Personally, I think the involvement of DKs in the Blood War is a mistake by the Ebon Blade. Despite the principle of freedom of its members to do what they want (within reason), supporting a clear villain is definitely against what they stood for since the founding at Light’s Hope Chapel. But then again this is just one of many organisations that would normally be crushing Sylvanas-types so :woman_shrugging:

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