Debit Card Sometimes Working Sometimes Not


Okay today early morning I purchased 2 tokens 1 character transfer 1 name change now my debit card does not work with Blizzard. It works with every other platform. I tried every method on the web and i called my bank and confirmed that its open to all transactions.
The thing is it was not working and suddenly it started working and now its not working again. I say again i tried every single method. Clear cache contact bank. Delete payment method check billing info etc etc… I wanted to create this post cause i wonder out there someone facing the same issue that i have at the moment. PS: I think its not debit card friendly!
Love you guys !


Hello Recyclops,

Please get in tocuh via Ticket/Livechat so that the colleagues can look into this for you. We here in the forum do not have access to this information.

Kind regards

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