Decimal point numbers for sarena

Since playing my Druid I’ve been plagued with no decimal point numbers and trying to reclone is sketchy xD. Anyone managed to do it as I can’t get used to using gladiusex or gladius.

Look if there is weakauras that apply it to something else and look how its build and monkey around with it

Gladiusex tho already does this and top of it shows enemy cd’s top of their frames which is pretty dope, I love gladiusex :slight_smile:

Ik it is not what you were asking but maybe give gladiusex another try, would be easyer than learn coding atleast

Yea I use both already, couldn’t get used to gladius ex but I loved the cd’s so I actually breakdown the frames and use the cd’s next to my sarena frames and I’ve now used that for about 2 years… but haven’t played Druid since s4 bfa. Horrible trying to guess for reclones xD

I’ll have a look at the weakaura idea so thank you for that!

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There is add-on called flyplatebuffs. It allows you to add decimal points and even add at what time decimal points start to appear.

ya this. i use nameplateauras but from what i understand they’re really similar. it’s nice to see important buffs and debuffs over people’s heads.

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Modified that addon alot too around the UI if that could be any use for u just tought of it :thinking:

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