Delete pls

the subject has been deleted.

I would remove the link, infact delete the post and send it directly to email address.

Could be a violation of the forum rules to post a link that advertises irl money transactions.

Just another private server. If I remember correctly ascension is TBC customized so that every raid is tuned around 5 man groups or something similar.

Edit: sorry, ascension was the one where you could pick spell from any class. I got two private servers confused.

Yeah, I think discussing private servers here is against ToS. If you want to make a report, do it directly to Blizzard and they will handle it.

Blizzard doesnt give a flying frick about Private servers.

I reported one a year ago which had multiple thousand players daily with a pay2win system, aka you could buy unobtainable BiS-Gear with higher ilvl than raids/M+ dropped from the shop and Activision-“Blizzard” didn’t bat an eye. :slight_smile:
It’s like they already gave up on WoW and just produce cheap content that keeps people playing and busy as long as possible while completly ignoring every feedback people give.

Usually, they introduce a problem nobody asked for and 1-2 years later give a “solution” for that problem that semi-somewhat works and praise themselfs on big fat bonus checks :slight_smile:

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