Deleted character?


hi there
my character was recently deleted and retrieved then re-deleted it seems
i opened a ticket waited 4 days to get an answer and the answer was basically to press the swirl button at the character screen however i mentioned that the button is in active and says i have to wait 14 days before i can un-delete a character
could you please help me because even the ticket i responded to after 10 minutes of receiving isnt being responded to.

thanks and regards

(Dottie) #2

You have to wait for the cooling down period to end. Blizzard cannot help you, why did you delete it again?


i didnt delete it myself … was at friends house logged in was waiting for server timer and went to the toilet, came back with no character and unable to retrieve … friends are saying they didnt do it ;/ i dont know rly

(Dottie) #4

I can say 100% it wasn’t an accident. You can’t type “delete” that way. Not much of a friend if he deletes you character. Still, Blizzard cannot do anything as all that happens on your account is your responsibility.

(Trovlak) #5

Worse than that, letting someone else access your account, even unintentionally, is actually against the EULA, and potentially bannable.


First of all nobody accessed my account… we were playing in the same place as a motivation to bring back the old days and we were having a competition who levels first.
I understand its my responsibility but it happened now and all I wanted is to get it back instead of waiting all this days

(Dottie) #7

That’s not quite true, if it wasn’t you then it was someone else, which means someone else used your account.


Maybe there is poltergeist in your friend room? or smart dog/cat who can type “delete” on keyboard? undelete character service has 15 days cooldown, there is nothing that can be done to fasten it up, you must wait.


I still think my friend deleted it so i dont level faster but cant blame anyone but myself… thats why im asking if it’s possible to retrieve it and hope that gm respond to my request


He is not friend if he deleted your character, GM will tell you that you have to wait 14 days still. Sad, but true.

(Ananda) #11

There’s no way of getting round the undelete cooldown I’m afraid. I would also suggest you close your game down if you’re thinking of leaving it open on an unguarded computer with ‘friends’ around (personally, I don’t think they’re friends if they’d do that). They could have done much worse stuff which could leave you permanently banned.


Hey Clastrialasd,

If you left the room and your character was deleted when you came back, someone else in that room unfortunately decided to delete it. You will need to wait for the character undeletion to become available again to restore the deleted character.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


All respect to you guys and thanks again.