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I’m interested in joining your Guild! I really like the concept you have. I’ve not done any roleplay in WoW before so I want to take this opportunity to give it a go. I love Dwarves so this is perfect for me.

I’ve sent you a mail in-game too Glaradin.


Awesome lad!

Just the thing I was lookin’ for. Mighty begin of the journey.

I’ll send ya a pigeon.

- Droghan (in-game)


Great idea! I can only encourage any Dwarven RP initiative around Ironforge and Dun Morogh. If you ever need a hand or an extra gun just give me a whisper.


This sounds like a great guild for me an my brothers.
I’ll send you a letter, master Glaradin!

//Gamil Goldenaxe


Hey there. I’m very interested to join! In-game name is Grennor


Oohh hello my brother! I’m looking for a couple of friends to join with! I will send you a message in-game, I think I would join you!


‘Allo! Sounds good, throw me a keg and it will help me tae consider!!


Have you lads seen the ad about the drinking contest in Goldshire this Friday?
More info in the Drinking competition thread

I’m going to be honest: If the Grimbeards doesn’t win, I’ll be sorely dissapointed… and possibly passed out.

For Khaz Modan!