<delush> [Alliance] [HC] [EU] [PVP] [Vanilla Fresh] LFM for 2 Raids 1 x HC & 1 x Social Raid

The guild core is made up of established private and classic World of Warcraft copers that have played in all the renowned guilds you can name. And we are looking for fast levelers to engage in various PvP pursuits as well as featuring two raids on classic launch. A pumper main raid and a social/alt raid. We already have several members interested in forming dedicated leveling groups going at various paces. From sweaty vacation taker to full time dad. We are currently exploring the beta, feel free to join us there.

Likely raid days may include the following days between 19:00 - 23:00 CEST. Pending if we decide to mitigate respec costs to a 13 day raid window:

  • Tuesdays,

  • Wednesdays, and

  • Sundays

The Mission:

Be the most dominant PvP guild on a large EU-PvP vanilla fresh server. May that be at world bosses, premade battlegrounds, world PvP, holding down Blackrock Mountain, Devilsaur wars or ranking (if relevant).

The Vision:

Foster an environment that invites like-minded PvP hungry players to retain relationships into future years, projects, and servers to come.

Rules & Expectations

  • Banter is encouraged, but perma sperging will result in a guild kick

  • Enchanted gear / Crafted BIS Items / Optimal Professions (On your main Engineering is a must)

  • Be open minded, willing to learn and accept constructive criticism

  • World buffs to be required if they become available

  • High raid Attendance (80%+)

  • Full consumables

Do you have what it takes to be as delush as us? Then do not hesitate and apply today!



pog and based

worldbuffs kekw

they will send worldbuffs eventually pepelaff

any sweaters?

Bump - still recruiting.

bumping this

bumping. still recruiting.

little bump ofc

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