Demonbolt 107k crit on full geared player

Can you guys please fix Demonbolt? It crit me for 107k on my fully geared Shadow Priest which is pretty much my entire hp bar, died instantly with 1 press. Then, in the following game, the demo dropped Succubus for normal pet and lost 15% on Demonbolt but still hit 96.3k on my teammate killing him instantly.

These kills occurred in 2.8+ MMR 3v3’s on EU so it’s even being abused at high MMR’s. We track Decimating Bolt stacks and Balespider’s Burning Core stacks, and stop Shadow Bolts where possible. But the buff lasts 20 seconds so you can’t exactly hide for the entire duration. I was planning on tanking 1 bolt and fading the 2nd one, but it took just 1 to kill me instantly, which I haven’t seen before.

Here’s a screenshot of the death log:


Maybe fade the first one next time. :man_shrugging:

Kekw, ur not wrong ^^,

Maybe fix the game :))


I am actually curious how they achieved a 100k hit.
I tried to reproduce it on my warlock with 307 Itemlevel.
I stacked:
4x shadowbolt (with legendary)
decimating bolt
power Siphon
from the shadow debuff
Orc racial
on use trinket

resulting in 60k hits on the target dummy.
I hit for around 30-35k in arena maximum, which is still nuts, but not near 100k

anyone got any idea what I forgot here?

You need a shtload of imps.

Got hit yesterday for a 75k one and we were playing with a resto sham (triple kick) so he didn’t casted that much.

Never seen that much dmg before and there was no dark arch or sky fury.

It actually crit you for 120.7k, not 107k! Don’t forget to add in the overkill!

thats not how overkill works…

It is in the game combat log but not sure for details.

What do you mean?

A Warlock I play with can consistently go around 50k to 60k with what you listed when people let him freecast (not often when you play Assa Warlock but it happens), and we do not have a RSham. The Shaman adds Skyfury for a lot more damage. And I reckon if you play with another caster (they play Demo Frost on the screenshot) you have an easier time having a million pets, so the base damage is even higher to begin with.

Details does not work like that. It shows the actual hit, and then how much of that was overkill for the records. Not your health removed plus what is supposedly left. It would be a 107k hit on a 94k health bar, leading to 13k overkill.

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It is depending on what source you use. If you use Details, it’ll show you how much of the total dmg counted as overkill, but if you use, for an example, the combat log, it’ll split it up to show you how much excess damage was dealt as overkill.

Else this SS probably wouldn’t make much sense

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There was no priest or shaman he hit 107k randomly :slight_smile: and next game 96k, i guess there is a bug, team was fmage,demo, druid he dont even play succubus 2nd game and still manage to hit 96k so i guess there are bug on that :slight_smile:

I heard from someone that there was indeed a bug with Demonbolt, but that he hadn’t figured it out himself while some players knew about it and did not wish to share. Now is that true, is that not, hard to say… But 100k-ish all by himself without Succubus, Skyfury and other externals such as Thick as Thieves or Dark Archangel seems suspiciously high.

the bug is, that if you mind-control the demo while he got the decimating stacks up, the decimating stacks do unnerfed dmg, so nearly 2x more than they are supposed to


It’s moments like this where I’m more amazed and perplexed than disappointed

But this build is gone with df decimating Bolt got removed.

crying cuz fearing of not being OP anymore, lolz

Why are you so stupid?

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