Denial of FOMO criticism

FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, the information that trade goods will be on sale in limited numbers or for a short time, is an ancient trade technique that emerged as a result of environmental conditions and the effect of these environmental conditions on the economy.

This is a form of economic relationship as old as human history.

Being able to buy/get everything anytime you want is neither realistic nor fun.

Just because you’re afraid of something doesn’t mean it’s bad or needs to be eliminated. This is your fear, not everyone’s. If you like something and want to have it, you meet the requirements or pay the price and get it.

It is not logical to cry for the trade caravan that has already left the city by knowing one day they will return.

You can’t always get what you want and you don’t even have to have everything.


So we should accept FOMO because it’s ancient?

I have FOTMFOMO but I’m not afraid in the traditional sense of the word.

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It shouldn’t exist in the first place. One cannot have everything, especially if it’s up for sale for a certain amount of time. You just accept it and move forward. Fearing it is…well, let’s say it’s not a good sign.

Ah, yes, Blizzard should put a big trade caravan in capital cities in their limited-time offer on WoW. When you click NPC inside it, you should connect to the store and be able to buy the thing they are offering, if it makes the things less fearsome for you.

You don’t have to be afraid of anything.

I wanna be a billionaire so flipping bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

Oh, every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night, oh, I, I swear
The world better prepare for when I’m a billionaire

Fomo players treating the game like they are entitled to everything " billionaire wannabee "

I don’t understand why people are so obssesed with things that are going away.
Like blizzard is giving you a lot of time to get it during expansion
for example if i remember correctly brutosaur was announced 1 year before it was actually going away
you had so much time to get 5mil
same with every ahead of curve mount/glad mount/KSM mount
season is like 5-6 months so much time
if you don’t have time for that kind of things i think your problem shouldn’t be world of warcraft but working on yourself to get into the point where you have more time for your hobbies

It also is a mental health issue explicitly tied to anxiety. The constant need for rewarding experience often relates to a lack of said experiences in real life. It is an issue you can observe particularly in social sedia and the gaming community with both corners of the internet often being used in a compensatory way by people, who lack experience about real life achievement. It is a tragedy of our modern society and playing with said fear to gain personal win from it isn’t very ethical.

Another problem is that FoMO is specifically promoted by social media / the gaming industry and particularly with young people, who do not (yet) have the mental resilience or awareness about their anxiety in order to withstand said fear.

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Really depends on where FOMO is applied. What I don’t like is how vault causes weekly fomo. You have to fill the vault like a slave of the system. This is not a meaningful progression, it’s based on RNG and it can be punishing, like filling an entire vault and getting absolutely nothing valuable for 2-3 weeks.

However, FOMO on Tyrael’s charger is justified. If there’s no fomo, if there’s no chance to miss out, the value of the mount will drop and become a bronze drake. That’s why bronze drake is bronze drake, and Tyrael’s charger is Tyrael’s charger. If everyone can get it easily, it will lose the value.

I am a big fan of having these types of limited events with rare drops. It makes mmo an mmo. When you sit on the Invincible, and sit on the Pinto, you will feel great about it. This is mmo, not communism.

I have some mounts and items that are unobtainable now, and I am happy that they are unobtainable, cuz it gives my items more value. If you want valuable things, you have to put efforts and try your luck. Demanding high drop chance on such events is lazy and egoistic.

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*The perceived value.

And perceptions are not the same across demographics.

For instance, I personally put little stock in how difficult or easy it is to collect a transmog item. What I care about is how it looks on my character.


That’s the way you look at this personally, but there’s also a general perception, which is rare=good.

I have fearophobia.

I’m afraid of fears.

I am having Haviphobia soon.

Applying FoMO initially means playing with the fear of others and having made the clear decision to do so. It is exploiting the weakness of people on purpose.

I don’t care a single bit about Tyrael’s charger, because it’s not a mount I would ever ride for it’s appearance doesn’t appeal to me. And even the few shop content I’d be interested in will most likely not be bought until there’s a discount on them. But not in a million years will I invest hours and hours into twitch activities demanded by Blizzard in order to get “rare items” after having opened an account with the sole purpose of doing so. I’m not sure how much Twitch is paying Blizzard to increase their user traffic but I won’t get part of that social media paid user metric.

Filling the M+ vault bar instead, isn’t really great effort. You can play one dungeon per day (2 at one day) and be done with it. Or you run a raid / play some rated bg. It’s the game time I naturally pay for and in which I can decide what activities to do freely without having to invest extra time for rewards on social media. You don’t need to fill all 9 slots which is particularly useless regarding PvP items if your main focus is PvE equip and the other way round.

Same here.
A grey item that somehow looks amazing and was easy to get would be more valuable to me than an epic item with a bad model.

Sadly we cannot count either on Blizzard of the (forum) community to end FOMO tactics. So the best remedy is to work on not feeling the FOMO.

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Nah, you’re not afraid of me, are you?

You probably just find me highly annoying.

I don’t fully agree. If it’s easily obtainable, then it has no value. Many people play mmo to get valuable items. Time limit or low drop chance increases the value. I feel like calling every attempt to make things rare a “fomo” is a bit exaggerated and unfair. So can we say season 2 is fomo? Like if you don’t play it you don’t get the mount. Or Dragonflight is fomo cuz it’s gotta go next expac? With this logic everything is fomo.

And I am very happy that both of us live in free countries where we both can do whatever we want.

You need to do higher end content to get better rewards, and that requires efforts.

A lot of people have the same thinking, and a lot of people don’t. None of these groups can tell the others if they are playing the game wrong.

If you think it’s a fomo, manipulation, or whatever it is, just don’t be the part of it. You think it’s bad, you think you can see it through, then it’s your choice. But again, if the items are not time-limited or drop-rate limited, how would you offer creating scarcity and rarity?

I just feel like you are doxing me, cuz you are everywhere.

I have no memory of writing to you prior.

I am everywhere though, as I respond to things I feel like responding to. Be it by joking around, or actually discussing things. I’m not chasing you, don’t worry.

Just saying, every single post I have read, you are there. So it creates Haviphobia. Don’t judge.

I’ll judge a little.