Depopulating major cities - giving life back to deserted race capitals!


Given the transportation services available, namely the portals to and from major content based capitals, as it is Stromwind and Orgrimmar are densely populated while others such as Thunder Bluff for instance, are deserted or rarely visited. Gamers simply don’t choose to travel to the later cities due to the lack of options regarding fast travel.
This lack of fast travel options i believe has rendered the rest of the race capitals deserted, which i feel is a shame. I mean i would love to be able, as a dwarf for instance, to stay in my capital (Ironforge) and be able to transport to lets say Dalaran or Boralus.

A simple option of portals in certain key areas, in Ironforge for example at the Hall of the Explorers, could solve such issue and give life back to certain deserted capitals.

If you could look into this issue it would be appreciated.

(Apsalare) #2

They already intentionally do not give us easy access Auction House in the last two expansions to force people visit capitals more often.

(Seråph) #3

orgrimmar is horrible, redo silvermoon and watch the horde flock there to socialise

currently the horde have no such place as an equivilent to goldshire, razor hill being too far away from the city for people to use

(Bettiboom) #4

Bilgewater Harbour remodel when? I’d love it to become a proper town or city which is a transport hub. It literally has a bank and no bankers inside. All they need to do is move all of the old Goblin Slums NPCs there to make up for tearing down the Slums area of Orgrimmar, add some docks and zeppelin towers and voila you have a nice hub for the Horde.

(Uruk) #5

Yes please make other capitals as whole as Orgrimmar.

(Hezar) #6

Would be nice if every capital had same services as Orgrimmar has. People would be free to decide where they want to conduct their banking/AH and voidstoraging.

Now that i dont really have that choice i use my garrison for said activities. I hate my garrison and WoD in whole but i like how convenient it is for those things.


The thing is that i simply miss my race hometowns, especially Thunder Bluff , Ironforge, Silvermoon (which is a jewel of architecture) and of course Exodar. And it is a BIG shame that i have to deprive myself of such beauty just for travel services (mostly).

(Silvermane) #8

Yes I always thought it was hilarious that Blizzard made capital cities yet every expansion try to force us to use one.

It’s exactly what I mean by them not letting the players decide how to have fun. They feel like they have to hold our hand just so we “get it”.

This is barely even a real RPG anymore.

(Punyelf) #9

I always think it’s a shame when the major cities dont’ have equal standing and I don’t really see the point of herding everyone towards SW/Org.

It would be much nicer if all facilities were available everywhere like transmog, barber etc. Of course portals connecting the major capitals would also be needed to make it desirable.

You’d have thought spreading the load would be a good thing rather than having loads of shards in one place.


I’d love to see this happening, even though I quite like SW, it’d be better if players got the choice, which city they want to be their main hub.

Because with sharding system you can’t really see that those two are main cities.


They could even spread out the War-story quests across the capitals.


Would be so easy to just extend the Rocketway into Org! I am very much for a proper Goblin capital.

I don’t disagree with the OP but if it bugs you that much (and assuming Blizzard don’t make changes), you can easily work around it by using the Dala hearthstone and then the capital city portals.


Ironforge is my favourite city, but outside of buying a few heirlooms I never visit it now.


I am a huge supporter for more racial cities and have been for years, but it never happens. There are so many possiblities.

Lets take the Forsaken for Instance. The Undercity is obliterated. Are there any other cities in Lordaeron? Hmm… Yes! Stratholme of course! The undead has been wiped out, so the Forsaken can rebuild the city.

Bilgewater Harbour changed into Bilgewater Metropolis. Featuring two sections, Bilgewater and Mag’har sectors of the city. As said in the offical description the settlement is in conflict between goblin ideals and horde military. The Goblins rule the Luxury sector. Filled with pleasure homes, casinos, high rise buildings and dark alleyways, while The Maghar control the military section of the city.

Using the new blackfuse technology, a railway is constructed between Bilgewater Metropolis and Orgrimmar similar to the Deeprun tram. There is also a rail that goes from orgrimmar to Thunderbluff and it should act as flightpoints. Maybe a revamped ashenvale with the story focus being the night elves attempting to destroy the railway


There should be special perks for each race’s capital. Like increased rested XP for the locals, some sort of profession bonus (like blacksmithing in Ironforge, alchemy in Thunder Bluff), unique vendors, etc.

(Wizgub) #16

I would happily never leave the exodar if i had the choice.

(Bettiboom) #17

Precisely this, me and a friend are working on a design and we instantly thought the Mag’har and the Goblins would end up together making a new iron docks and Mag’har fortresses protecting the industrial city of the Goblins filled with contrasts between nice touristy beaches with beachfront property along it, nightclubs, restaurants, and then on the other side factories and slums. I’m pretty sure Blizzard will never put the man hours needed into putting in a Grimrail which traverses Kalimdor but one can dream of this railway travelling between Bilgewater Harbour Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff and maybe other zones that are usually hard for players to reach because the Grimrail in lore was the Iron Hordes way of taming the unruly lands of Draenor and making them easy to traverse and control.

(Khyrneken) #18

They should have updated Orgrimmar (especially after SoO), Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon, Ironforge and the Exodar (Stormwind is reasonable fine at the moment) to reflect fortification against the Legion and the onset of the Blood War.

They need to make them more relevant.

(Razien) #19

How in the world would Silvermoon fix that? And have you never heard of Durotar? People have been dueling infront of the Orgrimmar gates for almost a decade and a half.

(Vintoleth) #20

the main thing stopping any of the other cities being used as main hubs seems to mainly be their lack of portals like there are in org or sw. with the introduction of portal rooms, why not just add them in the other cities? they can be an instanced room in worst case scenario, or else theres plenty of space, as mentioned below:

Iron Forge - put portal room in an underground area, or even above the current city. they are in a mountain with lots of space.

Darnassus - the city is technically not active anymore, but if you want to go back in time thanks to the bronze flight, im sure a portal room could be put anywhere. just cut away some of the mountain or forest. or again, its a giant tree!! put it underneath.

Exodar - a spaceship! yet again, can be another floor above or below.

Gilneas - Fully ready to be used as a city.

Gnomeregan - like Ironforge, areas can be built below or above.

Undercity - the city is technically not active anymore, but if you want to go back in time thanks to the bronze flight, a portal room could be made between any of the quarters, like the ruins of lordaeron appears between the war and magic quarter.

Silvermoon City - open up part of the tainted scar, or again, under any of the buildings. there is a very low areas around farstriders square. repeat that.

Thunder bluff - build into the rock, the same as the under the spirit rise.

Echo Isles - add an extra island.

Bilgewater Harbor - not been there in ages so cant remember the layout, but could just add another island i guess.