Desired MW Talents and Cahnges ! Feel free to add!

Since WoD the MW changes on each expansion, but Blizz never fixed its work on the MW.

My “wants” for the talent tree and changes !


  • Mastery: Gust of Mists : Enveloping Mist, Essence Font, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Breath and Revival heals immediately the target for X % of your healing over time (with that Hast, Mastery and Critical will matter)

  • Essence Font : Unleashes a rapid twirl of healing bolts at up to 6 allies within 30 yds, every 1.0 sec for 3 sec. Each bolt heals a target for (X % of Spell power) over 8 secs.

  • Revival is now Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent : Summons an effigy of Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent for 25 sec. Every second, Yu’lon heals a party/raid member within 40 yards for (X % of Spell power) overs 6 secs and clears all harmful Magical, Poison, and Disease effects

  • Enveloping Breath : While active, Yu’lon and Chi’Ji heal up to 6 targets within 6 yards around the target with Enveloping Breath when you cast Enveloping Mist, healing for [X % of Spell power] over 6 sec, and increasing the healing they receive from Gust of Mists by 100%.

  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane : Summon an effigy of Chi-Ji that cast Renewing Mist on 1 allie when you Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick, or Spinning Crane Kick, and reduce the cost and cast time of your next Vivify by 20%, stacking. Chi-Ji’s presence makes you immune to movement impairing effects.


  • Ancient Teachings of the Monastery : Your Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, and Rising Sun Kick now heal an injured ally within 20 yards for [ X % of Mastery ] of the damage done

  • Tear of Morning : Your Vivify also heals allies with Renewing Mist for X % of its total healing

  • Sheilun’s Gift : Draws in all nearby Essence Font effects, healing the target for [ X % of Spell Power ] per effect absorbed. Incease by 2 secs the cooldown of Essence Font for each effect drawn

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haha kek lol cringe facepalm

I don’t think removing revival and making chi-ji a worse CD is the way to go chum.

I do like the idea that Yu’lon has a passive effect. I suspect a lot of monks just cast it an expect something to happen… and it doesn’t. It is a highly unintuitive cooldown the likes of which no other class has to deal with.

And I mostly wish our mastery would interact with more things. I absolutely dump it in raids, and sometimes stack it for M+ on certain affixes. That is weird. It would be nice if it just worked for all the healing I do, not just very specific spells. Compare priest mastery which just puts a HoT on your target for N% of the heal. Direct, simple, understandable. Monk mastery - baffling, awkward, at least three different situations to account for.

I do not want Revival to change. It is magnificent as it is in all situations. Clears most debuffs, heals the raid for a solid 50%, with a conduit heals another 20%, and in PvP with a talent, makes everyone immune for 2 seconds. Please do not nerf this! Revival is a big, instant, 1-hitter, and it feels so good vs, for example, Tranquility.


Let’s get chi wave to be desirable once again . I would like to see this more like the old priest cascade spell, where after each bounce it spits, but now it splits across enemies and allies. It’s a pretty looking spell and unique so would like it viable again.

I really miss chi toroedo doing healing.

Let’s get the old mana tea interaction back, and have serenity (ww talent) become the class bottom talent, giving us the option of 20% increase damage and healing, free resource. Its a pretty looking spell and doesn’t get used enough.

I like the vivivy cleave healing, but would like some more renewing mist charges (as a talent) or a chance for renewing mist to split to get more than 3 or 4 out.

Finally id like essence font mana to be split across the duration, rather than full cost upfront. If its a 3 second cast, then 1/3 mana cost upfront, then the remainder mana cost at every 1 second after

With the return of holy power for holy paladins, now essence charges for preservation evokers, is it time for chi for mw to come back? A bit of uplift healing like WOD days

Can we please change Ancient Teachings of the Monastery to be 40yds instead of 20yds. Range dps can be close to 40yds from a boss in raids/mythic+ and receive no healing from fistweaving.

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