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Hello there.
I have a question about what usability features will be presented in Wow Classic compared to Actual.
It is obvious for me that there is some features that was not present in Classic, but when we played then back in a days we dreamed of it.
I mean, for instance, marking. I was so glad when I finally could get my teammates targets to hit, hit second, control etc with only one-tap on my keyboard, will it be there?
When transmog was presented I abolutely loved it. I immediately mogged all my stupid colorful huge bows, swords, helmets, shoulders and stuff into something more natural, like —> , etc. I know, lots of people absolutely in love in fussy (taudry?) looking weaps and armor, but I like my character to look “normal”.
What about quest interface? We always dreamed of how quest log and quest map indication look now when was playing Vanilla, can we keep it how it is in actual?
And yes, how great it was when we finally could get all the specs available stored. Let it be so when you wish to change specs you should go to trainers, but multi-spec interface usability?
If it actually possible I would pray, ask devs to make it so. It may be difficult for some people to distinguish all-disliked game simplification that slowly killing actual game from great usability features that help players to enjoy game, but… Blizzard, do not make mistake. Keeping those few features would make lots of people to stay in Classic much longer. And implementing them wouldn’t be so hard, if you use new code, wouldn’t it?

Of course I do not want “actual” gameplay simplyfication. I would love lots of skills to chose from for my druid, I would love to pay for live the whole hard(!) 1 - 60 story from the very beginning to the very end not for 2 days as it is now and not even 2 weeks. I wish to play my character slow and hard, how I played it back in the Vanilla. But I believe that’s what it all started for and it not need to be said really :slight_smile:

So? Great usability changes made for those years? Can I keep it please?

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Absolutely not.

Sorry lad, no deal. No changes.

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Definitely No.

There are many of us that would love to see one or two small changes, but we would all like to see a different one or two changes, so the best option to stop us ending up back at retail is:

No changes.


I think this is kinda narrow minded… No offense ofc but I feel like people dont see that having an extra class or race or zone doesnt make it “bad” like retail… As long as we stay away from themepark updates I would say we are golden. Class changes wont destroy the game like dungeonfinders or LFR


Here are Blizzard’s official stance on adding changes to classic:

The second we start to substitute our modern judgement to solve problems from 12 years ago we are deviating from our goal of a historical recreation of the game as it was, and making something different, and that is something we want to avoid .

― Ion Hazzikostas, Blizzcon 2018



Roger, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Did violins change in the past 300 years?
No, because they’re classical instruments that don’t need any changes.
You can change it into a guitar, but then it wouldn’t be a violin anymore.

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I did not understand first part. If you’re talking about macroses, they are likely to be very similar to retail ones, so you’ll get it. Transmog is absolutely NO, don’t expect it. Quest interface is likely to be ported from vanilla, so again no, but anything interface-related could be modified with addons, so with some luck someone will make something similar to modern interface. Double/multispec is also an absolutely NO, don’t expect it. Now the price might be lower. Back in the day the price was up to 50g. Many private servers are lowering this price and it generally helps gameplay, so I wouldn’t be surprised if developers will decide that 50g is too much of a punishment for multispec, but, again, that’s debatable.

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It may seem narrow minded, but everyone has a different opinion on what changes are acceptable. Adding Draenei and Blood Elves would be a major change as it would add Paladins to the Horde and Shamen to the Alliance.

Transmog is something i would like to see, I care about how a character looks, but I can see that for PVP knowing that a persons armor is a true representative of what item they are wearing could make a big difference, i was never into PVP much so i don’t know how much it was used to know what armor someone had on, but I could see it working like that.

Other changes may alter the game in other ways, transmog alters the whole crafting aspect as people want to buy looks as well as stats, this has a knock on effect on the supply and demand of materials and thus on the economy.

Even the Barber’s Shop which as far as I can think, has no direct effect on anything might alter the game in some way.

Everyone has their own opinions, i don’t raid, and only do dungeons casually, so the Loot Trading argument means nothing to me, but you only have to look through the forums to see how divisive the subject is and how heated the discussions got. So in the end unless there is a specific change that 99% of people are in favour off (wide screen support for example) then i think we are better to go with No Changes than to try and pick out which changes are acceptable.

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Yes they will.


So is that a verse from the “Bible” of classic set in the stone handed down to Moses on the Mount? Or could the developers be free to change their minds?

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General Kenobi.


If there will be no such a simple thing switching panels for druid forms or rogue / warrior stances, WoW Classic will have no sense.
Game (gameplay, skills, zones, whatnot) shouldn’t be changed, but in terms of usability major changes should be made.
Panels should be switched when forms changed. Marks should be allowed to bind to keys.
If not, I will play for month, those in this very topic who play toughguys will play for two. 80% population will switch back for actual in three. Minimum 20% of total population will leave WoW in any form, because another hope will be lost.
I’ve seen it before and I really hope devs will do as it should be, not as some people think it could be good.

Edit: Ah, I forgot to mention: in four months devs will realize what have they done wrong and will try to fix that but new players who could value those changes will be hammered by bored 60s who will gladly get back to lvl1 locations and greet opposing faction.

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2/10, you didn’t even mention rose-tinted glasses.


The markings are a vanilla feature, so why wouldnt it be in?

Transmog is a feature that well yea you can look fabulous all the time, but it also ruins the immersion of actually wearing the items you have equipped. And recognizing people by their gear was a thing back then.

Saving action bars on spec change is a dual-spec feature, the respec thats in vanilla will be a hard respec like before they changed to being able to swap spec without visiting trainer, it wont save your bars, cause multi-spec function wont be enbled cause of how the vanilla talent tree’s works

Your reasoning for wanting these changes are way off. Adding these changes so that more people will play it…
First of all, classic is not made to please a large playerbase, it is made to please the people who want to play vanilla.

Every change that gets implemented, will turn more and more people away, meaning your suggestions would actually make less people play the game.

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