Df rog is way 2 strong

Hello why does rog of all classes have a aoe ms ?

Why is rog able to kidney 3 targets which happend in the awc.

Why is he doing 10k dps more than any meele?




devs play rog
that explains why that class is broken since classic
and warlock too but not in that busted way

false. devs dont play pvp


Who ever is in charge for information that is sent to devs, please do something about rogues, thank you.


I like how dwarves received massive buffs, through all of this to say something positive. :joy:

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I never thought any race uglier than orc would become meta i guess i was wrong.

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they play normal bgs :smile:


i wish someone sends a msg to the guy who collects feedback to send msg to the guy who passes along information to the third guy whos task is to transfer information to the interns serving coffee for the devs giving them little notes of random info while they enjoy their coffee and biscuits

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its like broken phone if any played that as kid where u pass info to next and then see how much it changed after 20 people

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Hahahahahahahahh :rofl:

Ah you mean, nerf warriors>then nerf ele shamans>3rd person>buff warlocks>4th person>fix mmr> 5th person>give more healing to disc>6th person>some1 said you need to buff priest>7th person>priests need some buff to dmg>8th person>>some1 said you neeed to give more % to priesdt>9th person>some1 said you need to buff roguues, priests and warriors>10th person>xyz random fixes

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20th person says make disc completely busted XD

after someone passed along msg to look into 4set sin damuge

yea that is propably how it goes actually

could put the lil notes received from intern into a hat and then rise random notes from the hat or bowl or make a wheel of fortune type of game for every 2 week

→ Assa Rogue OP.
→ People pay to race change to Dwarf.
→ Profit.
→ Nerf Assa rogue.
→ Buff Sub Rogue.
→ People pay to Race change to Orc.
→ Profit.
Repeat until no pvp playerbase left.


wowowo u just went out their whole business model :open_mouth:

thats a risky move but daring, i respect

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