DH Vengeance Flag Carrier questions

I’m really struggling to find ANY info about DH tanks for Rated BGs even though they’re probably the best FCs. I literally have no idea which azerite traits to choose since some of them are nerfed to death in PvP, some of them don’t stack etc.

Is there any guide on it or could you please give me some advice?

Lately my friend is inviting guardian druids only to rated bgs. Because they are not dying.

You dont need any specific guide or info.

DH is by far the best fc in RBG est Legion.
You just need to work your kiting abilities and dont LoS from your own healers.

Remember , just because you can leap jump half map in 5 seconds , doesnt mean your healers can follow since obv they’ll getting harassed meanwhile.

Keep an eye in the radar and just work your communication with your MW to RoP/block them so you can leap back or with your Priest when grip is available.

As for traits , i have no clue and cant help since i dont have any DH.

Yes DH has no healing. A guardian can make 8000k self healing to himself.

As soon as you left healer or your healer dead , you need to go graveyard all the time to get heals with dh.

If they decrease guardian to 30% health ,its just 6 seconds to get 100% health for them again. They are just slow.

I have a friend who started to main guardian druid 8.1 patch. He is rank 1 player.

He tells how can a spec be bad if something never dies on the rated battleground.

Leave healer or let your healer die and see what happens to your dh.

Also you can solo entire middle allliance/horde raid on deepwind gorge with guardian until healer reaches you.

DH is good with high mmr teams. Its the best on high mmr.

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