Did anyone else prefer the smaller health pools?

Did anyone else prefer the number crunch right at the start of shadowlands? at max level we may have had around 40-50k health pools, do you think we’ll ever go back to numbers so low?


I defenetly do, even smaller than your examples.

how small would you prefer

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I know that I am extreme, but I would like them to be like they were in TBC.

Most dps around 6-8 k hp

While tanks 16-20k


TBH I like seeing the big health pools and large damage numbers, it makes me feel like my character has actually progressed to a level fitting of someone who literally single handedly saved the world again.


These numbers are now starting to take on sick values again. Unfortunately, with the introduction of new seasons, these numbers only increase.


I Like player pools in classic levels .
1000 to 4000 max.
Spells hitting for 500 or so where every single number up counts .
Now I see enchant that gives me 150 primary stat and see i have 18000 of it and think meh …
In classic you put +7 primary stat and you have 100 of it , that’s huge .


It’s also easier to do the math so you don’t need to use addons like pawn to study your upgrades.


In legion we had like 8 million health at the end. The current is not that much :grin

It’s all I got.

It’s gonna end up way higher than that this time. It’s gonna be tens of millions, maybe some players will even reach 100 million.


Remember the first development post about the it’ll squish in WoD, they where joking about making number appear as “1 mln” on the floating text.

After 10 years the joke is becoming real :rofl::rofl:


I like them BIG!

But if they do another squish, so be it. Always seems to cause a load of issues, particularly when doing legacy content.


This is why sites like The Onion or Babylon Bee are so great.
They may think they are jesters, but in truth they are prophets.

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I have no opinion on the smaller healthbars because health is only 1/3rd of the story
The other 2/3rds are damage done and healing taken, kind of pointless to talk about either one of the three without the other two

As long as they balance that right, I don’t care what the numbers say

Obviously they go together. Changing their relative values completely changes the gameplay.

I do happen to think larger healthpools might be a good idea right about now though.
EDIT: Or actually… hmm, idk. It’s those blasted cooldowns.

I was only saying something about the current. I don’t know what the topic otherwise is about.

Well it’s not about anything else tbh.

It’s just that every time a new season comes out health and mana more than doubles, so if it’s gonna be 8m soon then it’s gonna be like 20m in the season after that and then 45m in season 3 and then it’ll easily go north of 100m in season 4.

It’s pretty obscene to be honest, but that’s where the game is at right now. Maybe they’ll do something about it someday. I certainly have no problems coming up with a solution.

Here’s an easy one, employed by vanilla but with more RNG than I’d like. Still, great solution: Items grant skill, skills increase or decrease your damage by a percentage, same with defense, enemies have a skill level set statically or by keystone levels etc. There, done. Now you have exponential scaling but the numbers don’t go to infinity and beyond because there’s a logarithmic term in the formula that’s bringing the numbers back down again. Scaling will feel the same.

Vanilla puts that “skill level” on your portrait - it’s a level. There was some residual left over stuff as well, but yeah.

So what you do is once people hit max level you just put their “skill level” where their character level would be.

That’s basically a level system for end-game. Something that never happened for some reason.

And while they’re at it, they can use this number on the AI for wild mobs so they don’t aggro if you’re far higher level than they are, and decrease their chance of dazing you.

I can only speak about our current healthpool. But doubling per season is not true. We Got from 900k to 1.2M this season.

They will crunch numbers again after War Within.

You’re right, I’m brainfarting. It’s around 44% for 39 item levels, which is how much it currently increases per season iirc. Yes I actually calculated it using SimCraft source code numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:

So in DF I think we started at like 330 and went up to 528. Probably gonna be similar in TWW.

So it’s gonna be 538% increase for the expansion.

It’s currently about 8m on the beta last I checked at level 80. So it’s gonna be like… 51 million by the end?

That’s still a lot.

Also not really sure why it’s 8m on the beta. That’s a pretty large increase, not sure why they’ve done that.