Did i get in?


I got the Beta & Stress test tab, but when i hover over play it says “You can’t play classic yet”.
Dies this mean that i got in or is it another visual bug that shouldn’t be happening?


i check for you. .whats your key and dl information? :wink:


It means that you were invited for the Stress Test only and the the Stress Test realms are currently not available.

If you’re invited into the actual Beta, you will see the Beta servers.

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Earlier today, we made the stress test install appear on the game screen of the launcher for all players who have installed it. This is to make it possible to uninstall easily.

Got beta/stress test (You cant play yet)
You can't play WoW Classic yet
I got classic beta stress test listed in launcher
I had access to stress test
My "Beta & Stress Test" has just reappeared
Stress test 19th June US only

Shame I was excited for a minute there - I keep checking to see if Beta is listed haha. :frowning: well there is still time :slight_smile:


Good to know there is life in the world of blue here :wink:

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I was about to reinstall, but it disappears stresstest. Because, I was unable to click “play”.


Awwwwww what!? I thought we were going to be given level 40 Template characters to test AV with. It’s only showing so we can uninstall it? well that’s anti-climatic.


When i saw the beta test realm this morning i was like wooow :smiley: AV and then my heart broke :frowning: as i can’t play classic yet


As someone that had already uninstalled it I was quite surprized to find it reinstalled. And it’s only purpose is to allow me to uninstall it? :thinking:


You really expected to get beta without having 1000+ subs? or BFF with a streamer? KEK


I’ll translate that real quick.
“Have a good weekend, losers”


Sounds suspicious doesn’t it. Would almost think someone at Blizzard pushed a wrong button at the wrong time :joy:


I wonder why, all of a sudden, Blizzard is SO interested about 10 GB of wasted space on my SSD and wants me to purge the data from my SSD A.S.A.P.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Lets shaft the Eu players

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