Did i miss something?

Hi all,

I just wondered if i missed sonething or if the game is just poorly designed.

So i recently dinged 50 and without my consent i was whisked away from my leveling experience and forced into SL (gotta keep those engagement numbers up, right blizz?) And i found i could no longer queue for my specified expansion, but i could queue for BFA ones, not ideal but not the end of the world, so i carry on with BFA.
Now this where it gets a bit stupid … im not able to queue for BFA anymore (no idea why? Im assuming its because i turned 51?) And my ilvl is too low for SL dungeon queueing.

So im now stuck in no mans land, i cant go forward and i cant go back. I guess this makes sense at the start of an expansion to bottle neck progression due to people having high ilvl from previous expasion but to have this system in place at the end of the expansion makes no sense to me.

So … did i miss something or is this intentional game design?

Really are you making a fuzz of that? I dont know but please there are more terrible 'design idea’s ’ then that tbh. Its just for levelling nothing else a little effort and you can go back to dungeons.

Most games move you on at certain points. Most reasonable people don’t attribute that to “engagement metrics” but I guess thats just the new crop of players, parroting a phrase they heard somewhere that has no relevance but they think it makes em sound smart.

Im not complaining, im asking is it right that the game forces you to SL content then bottle necks you or have i missed something?

Yes, at that point you have to do SL content to progress your char.

You can do quests until you get enough gear to be able to queue for SL dungeons.

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