Did the class balance team get affected by layoffs


Just a question anybody know?

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They didn’t get affected. In fact, they’re even hiring a Senior Game Designer for WoW.


weird, thanks for info.

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Basically the Customer service staff got laid off.

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When i call in to order my medication i get an automated system. When i hop on public transportation i have to load my chipcard on a machine and show it at another machine to get through the gate.

I guess gaming is slowly getting with the times. And the hurt is the same as everywhere else.


Im pretty sure they did… 9 years ago.

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Probably not affected. They said they are going to increase the number of developers (not the slightly tamer “increase the amount of resources” like I misread it at first and like MMOC misread it as well) for major franchises taken together by 20% - with the list including Warcraft (which includes WoW). This might not mean new developers for WoW, but it is hard to interpret the news as the number of developers working on WoW decreasing.

They said several things related to the layoffs - they are laying off 8% now, in areas they consider to not be central (so, mostly not development), and they warned that they are likely going to lay off more in the future. Future layoffs will happen in EU first and foremost, see other notes of theirs (“according to local laws”, bla bla bla). They don’t develop in EU.


Judging by this list (it’s not complete but still) mostly customer service people, esports folks and Mike from the IT.

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They keep updating that list.


Yea noticed.


Finally a thread that doesn’t start with people saying all sorts of nonsense who didn’t actually read anything about it yet. Not knowing which department had to let people go but stating what they think as fact, or talking nonsense about people being fired.


Do they exist at all?

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which is messed up, why dont they fire the people who made bfa so they can make some real changes to the game?


Hope they hire one person that can compare logs and make sound judgements. Because class balance is poorly executed as of now.

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Do they even have a single one assigned to this anymore?
Thought some bot threw some random numbers about and then adjust it after a while according to how many play the class last week, the weather, some rng and other unknown modifiers.
(on live ofc, the ptr bot has gone missing for years).

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Xelnath got booted ages ago, I can only assume the rest followed shortly after, only unpaid interns working on the classes now

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