Dire Maul Releases at 7:00PM CEST

Following up on our announcement from last week, Dire Maul will become available today, October 15, at 7:00PM CEST.



I like it.

Wait what, it’s releasing tonight!? Hype!


very nice me like many

Blizzard, how difficult would it be to keep your community in the loop regarding upcoming patches? It doesn’t need to be some secret only revealed less than two hours prior to release. Give people the information that we are entitled to know.

Your entire lack of communication in aspects across the game over the past two months have been seriously poor. Communication has never been your strong point but this is really basic for a brand new release, and you’ve had 15 years of experience.

You need to step it up in the upcoming months and phases.


Will the quests be released aswell at 7:00PM CEST? For example “Mor’zul Bloodbringer” ?

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So uhm, will there be a server restart before its release? Got raid an hour after DM release and would suck to get in queue.

Place before the dme entrance gonna be packed in an hour like a starting zone on release xD

Give us fresh layering-free realms please.

Queues are going to spike back up as more content is released.

Whatever panic mode transfer realms you will release when that happens will not lure in anyone, the majority of people will just stay put and not risk moving to a realm that might take a few weeks to build a functional community.

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Dragonfang ??

Would love to know this as well. I do suspect that it would be released tho.

Are Dire Maul specific quest also released like the mount quests for Paladins and Warlocks?

You are not entitled to know anything. Release on the 15th would be common sense on reset as usual.

They are doing us a favor by releasing it sooner to have time to play it in the evening.

Get over yourself. Not like a LvL 35 can even do DM so why do you even care.


Dragonfang was not a fresh realm, it was precisely one of those transfer realms Blizzard scrambled to release in panic mode and that took weeks to build a functional community.

Plus, even Dragonfang still had layering active for much of its lifetime, personally I’m interested in a realm that is layering free from day-1, that it isn’t tainted by all the ways layering was abused since launch.


hot take: DM gets released before p2 because the servers wouldn’t be able to handle it without layering still in effect

It’s fine you’re releasing Dire Maul and all that jazz. But what about fixing the bugs, and give us a PvE server or two more?

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I don’t mind doing a global/worldwide launch but holy crap please announce these things earlier. Blizzard get your stuff together please.

Evidently not! :grin: