Disable premades

If people see there’s a premade group, they instantly go AFK and say “let them win” without even trying.

it ruins gameplay for everyone else.


You either join randoms to get farmed by premades, or join a premade to farm randoms.

Someone made a LFM group for WSG and as a druid, I asked to join. The leader asked me to carry flags through the game. I denied. And so I wasn’t invited at all.

"So i was asked to join BWL as a hunter, the leader expected me to do the pulling (since the classes have certain roles that the leaders are trying to fill), and when I told him i’d rather go zug in a corner, I wasn’t invited) - OFCOURSE ppl putting a comp together have their designated roles and positions, why would this even come as a surprise?

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minmaxx loser detected

You join a premade so you can all pool your resources and strategies in order to win. It doesn’t necessarily mean min-maxing (as in getting all the consumables), but if you refuse to do the one thing your class/spec excels at, then you can’t really blame them. It’s their group after all, you can make your own. I don’t think the guy was necessarily a meta slave.

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Premades should be limited to 3 men per group per bg

Even that is too much. 2 disc priests and a melee - it’s GG.

That part is true because priests are OP. Toning them down would solve A LOT.

Its the best compromise, people still wanna be able to play with friends. 2discs and a war isnt that ridiculous, priests can go oom fast if they have to dispel a lot