Disable the use of alts on forums

From what I have seen on the forums so far, many people (not all) use their alts to express extreme views, support their mains and deliberately just troll, so I think it would be great if Blizzard only allowed only one character/main to just post on the forums or have a way to link who is an individual’s main if they post from an alt, so they refrain from just trolling others on these forums, I am sure it would solve a lot of issues on these forums and allow the topic to remain on topic.

I understand that specific characters may have specific issues, so they should be allowed to post from that alt but there should be a way to link that character to their main, whether they are on retail or classic.

This will allow topics to remain on topic and lead to constructive and positive discussions because people will be more mindful of what they write, as it will increase their level of accountability


There’s a dude on pvp forums that flags your posts on all his alts if your opinion differs from his. And he seems to be somewhat proud of it. I find it quite funny though.

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It’s been said before various times*, we should all just post with our battle.net accounts rather than individual characters. It works like this on other Blizzard forums so why not for WoW as well. Would cut down on some of the unnecessary drama and negativity by pot stirrers, professional victim posters and classic andys.


Correction: NOT many (very few).

Honestly, I don’t see much misuse of alts. Maybe on some specific forums? Anyway, it’s easy enough to spot and giggle at someone supporting his own posts.

Except for Classic characters. Maybe there’s a case for disallowing Classic characters posting on retail forums, and vice versa? Maybe? I don’t see it though.


How do we identify what’s a main and what’s an alt?

If the character I play most, and do the highest level content with, is my ‘main’, that varies from one patch to the next, and even within a single patch. Does that mean the character I’m allowed to post with should be constantly changing?

I can get behind this idea.

Yes please.

Im tired of seing that blood elf male spamming bad topics about how Horde should prevail and kill some characters.

I don’t know if I can mention his/her name but if you spend time on the forum you might know who im talking about


I agree with you, the suggestion about using a battle.net account is a better solution

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Agree, this swapping characters on the forums never made any sense, we should post with battletag. This change alone would annihilate at least 90% of the trolls plaguing this place.


The only problem with battletag, is there are multiple people with the same battletag. If you throw in numbers, then it just feels weird. You can’t even exactly go with battletag and ‘main’ realm, as it doesn’t stop people from having the same battletag on the same realm. They should just give Classic characters an armory page just like the rest at the minimum.

but how would blizz get its employees to big up the game on the forums if you implemented this?
youre not thinking straight, for shame

Lol a brainfart from my side. He flags them, not downvote. Edited.

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my question is why on earth would you need to know a persons main if not for shaming them for their views??

seems like the motive behind this demand is just as nefarious …

if you think stopping alt posting will stop people posting half the stuff which gets said here… you’ll be sorely mistaken lol.

there is the odd cases where people abuse it which deserve penalty i admit that much … i can think a couple vulpera on this forum which do as much.

other than that it wont fix anything.


I post dumb crap on characters I actually play all the time…


Just place restrictions on character swapping on the forums but also have all posts linked on the same battletag as well as things like reports/likes etc. I’d say a month at the bare minimum but longer would be much better.

For example if I changed characters on the forum tomorrow then this post would just move over to the character I’ve changed it too and people would be able to recognise those previous posts/threads as being the same person.

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He just flags now.

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Please, I only have an alliance imposter who believes she is the only and real felweed addict! This will teach her who’s boss! :muscle:

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Yes, everyone will know the blue Dunkiee is the real and superior one! :blue_heart:

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i’am also another poster on this thread.


so am i lol xD


you’ll never stop the altpocalypse!