Disappointed with MM 4-set for PVP


I’d like to share feedback about the MM hunter 4-set bonus in PVP: feels very badly designed - unpredictable and can be frustrating both for the hunter and the enemy players.

In procs about 1 time per 2min arena game. I had a couple of fast games (~1 min) where it did not proc even once!

Sometimes however you can do rapid fire, arcane shot (which procs it) and then again rapid fire with 10 arrows. With this, you can totally destroy somebody

Overall, I’m disappointed. Does not feel as good as I had expected. The proc chance is very low in practice.

Also, as of this week, the 2-set bonus is also nerfed by 50% in instanced PVP - now increases rapid fire damage by 10% (down from 20%) and the procced volley does 50% damage (down from 100%)

Of the 5 possible tier pieces, only the head has mastery, and it is the lesser stat. So by using 4-set you also lose on tons of mastery.

I can totally imagine MM not using tier set this season.

So what was your experience?


It is common knowledge that all the tier sets are nerfed by 50% in PvP
And yes you are supposed to make a choice between defensive value as in the conquest pieces versus offensive value of the tier sets, if you want to run a full mastery build or other fun stuff, you will have to craft pieces and mix them with conquest or go full crafted
The tier set bonuses are not good for every class and spec, the MM is one of the better ones, i would say but you do not need to go for it

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