Disc damage is beyond broken

I had a game where enemy disc priest did exactly the same damage as enemy arms warrior. And it was a long dampening game. Prevokers? Rdruid? Lmao. Look at this garbage first.
In top 20 of 2v2 5 are disc priests. And you know exactly why. And it’s not like their damage can be stopped in some reasonable way either, the dot has no cooldown, he has 2 schools to do dmg with and if you dare to go priest he will do even more damage with catharsis.
It’s not normal for a healer to do as much damage as dps while also being able to heal with no issues and dont go immidiately oom.


not only they do insane damage, they also heal a too much. Definitely a sleeper op class


disc + sin is pretty toxic yea pun intended

5 in top 20 2v2,
0 in top 20 3v3.

Not really a sleeper spec tbf, everybody should know disc is designed to be the most aggressive healer.
Meant to be dangerous if left freecasting. But with no kick, stun, or anti, making it very vulnerable to setup teams.
Probably the only healer happy to see dbl zug in 2s


yup disc damage is extremely overtuned right now, and it needs to be looked at in the same patch they buff disc healing (if they ever do), or it’s going to be a very problematic spec.

right now it’s in a “not good, not bad” spot but it has it’s niche as a secondary dps with **** hybrid levels of healing

Disc does nice dmg, but has terrible hps. In 2s its op but in 3s and solo shuffle it is really bad. When you face dps who press wall and dont die like idiots you have 0 chance against rdruid/evoker.

or maybe its because they can play with feral,hunter,rogue in 2s? like always? aslong as one of those is good priest is very good

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pres evoker and resto druid are the broken healers…


This is game is not balanced around ultra fun 2s bracket. Go test 3s and try out how much damage u pump and how long your teammates stay alive. Also check how long your manabar lasts.

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I would trade any mana buffs to disc in 3s if blizzard nerfs this elder god S+++ tier damage thing into the ground in 2s. Have all the mana you want just stop killing me with your constant 10k+ dps and 2 spell schools

Err, no. Disc is designed to be an aggressive „dmg to heal"-healer. If I want to play the opposite I spec to Holy (not that I wanted to do that ever. Most boring healing spec imo)

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Amen :pray: :pray: in solo u are oom in 1min cuz all things are tanks

Just cos discpriest ain’t good in 3vs3 , it’s Okey to do so broken dmg ?

Show some proff

DDs started healing themselves, healers started hitting back.

Honestly, occasionally you can just see a dps keyboard-raging that the healer they picked a fight with is pushing back instead of acting like a vanilla freekill. :smiley:

Because who cares about 2s? There is no rewards, always very broken comps etc?

Pointless to cry when whole bracket is just like 2v2 skirmish.


I think Blizzard has historically always struggled to balance specs that have a gameplay design that is super powerful in one activity and super weak in another activity.
It’s hard to balance for one activity without creating further imbalance in the other activity.

Something is good in 2v2 but weak in 3v3.
Something is good in RBGs but weak in Arena.
Something is good in Mythic+ but weak in Raids.
Something is good Raids but weak in 2v2.

Ideally the talent trees should offer the customization needed to pick certain bonuses that make you good for one activity, and other bonuses for another activity, so the outliers in performance between activities isn’t so extreme.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough customization in the talent trees versus the default design toolkit to allow that to happen.

And given that the amount of in-game activities has only increased over the years, the issue has sort of only become more prominent.

so a war and mage who has never play in hight CR complaign about disci in arena.
When you gonna play in arena and learn the game you could speak.

ye i imagine every player and their mother are just rolling disc in masses now because they just want to try it out suddenly and not because it was just buffed so massively that also every streamer switched playing disc to their 3s

silly me, ppl just randomly trying out classes that they have not tried yet in the expansion ofc

honestly i miss the times when blizz just did nothing

they have no clue what theyre doing so they should just do nothing

this rollercoaster of fotms going back and forth each week is tiresome, everytime they do something they break it. its always overbuff or a overnerf so i rather witness something stable for season to atleast adjust or know whats up

i cant wait for next weeks changes when they delete disc priest from the game and give 800% heal/dmg buff for rsham and there will be alot priests rolling a blue man

The problem is not disc priest. Disc priest is where it should be.

The problem are the other healers that are WAY under-tuned and garbage tier.

Either all healers are garbage because of the burst meta, OR, all healers are OP and arena matches last longer than 1 minute.

So I hope they dont nerf Disc. But instead buff all other healers and give everyone a 200k life boost. Also, remove dampening and change it to mana regen dampening. That way ALL healers will go OOM one way or the other and someone will eventually die.