Disc Priest LFG


Hello there!

I am Blauwwijn ! Yes, it’s a Dutch name and no, I am not Dutch. :slight_smile: Long story feel free to ask.

I am a mature player that is looking for new guild. I quit playing at the tail end of MoP returning at the tail end of Legion. I play daily for hour or a bit more depending on time in my day.

What I do!
I am no longer a pure healer sticking with disc/shadow specs. If you are looking for a pure healer, I am not your elf.

What I am looking for!
I am no longer able to commit to serious raiding so only looking for a fun, mature group of people that may have a raiding day,but, it’s not required. I am mostly seeking a social group of people.
**I do have a Horde char,but, mainly that’s to follow the story lines.

Where I am!
I am on Argent Dawn, Alliance. I am NOT looking to re-roll or change servers.
Discord --Anastasia#3846