Disco priest

Too high damage
2v2 and 2 k mmr fight against warlock disco. Disco 1.9 mln dmg warlock 2.7 mln xdddddddddddd. I won but game is much pointlees.


Disc now is exsctly where it should be, other healers need to be buffed

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You think more DMG is healthy for the game?


disc needs damage nerfs, it did before patch too.


Its what disc should be-doing dmg. I am enjoying this kind of playstyle more then ever


I’ll have what your having btw, dayum

If you want to do a damage, there is a role for that you know, called dps


disc has always been doing damage. doing damage =/= soloing players as soon as you get to freecast. I’m critting people for 150k with 1 gcd pretty frequently in 3v3 and its really not okay.


How about in 3s and shuffle, is he fine?? Just go play with a disc then man…

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Trust me you don’t want healers to go play dps :slight_smile: You will wait 2 hours for shuffle and search for ever in 2s and 3s :slight_smile:

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what do u even mean?

are u blind or something? or do u not play the game urself or what dont u look any streams?

every game is disc disc disc, every r1 team is disc disc disc

everywhere is disc disc disc, if its as bad as u claim then why i see it everywhere

its the only healer being played currently in eu because they made it to be the 3rd dps in a already overtuned dmg meta and it also comes with good cds which it can give while doing dps

btw this and rogue staying overtuned brings back RMP which im not going to go witness, heck i dont even care go witness RM or the current Disc+Sin or Disc+Arms

i dont want to witness anything tbf the state of game is so horrible

ill stay in shuffel and witness disc and arms and assa in every lobby

anyways ur just completely clueless and talking out of ur behind if u think disc is underperforming in anyway after the ridiculous buffs they made to its dmg

and funny thing is they could buffed disc healing by increasing the healing ammount instead of making 50k dmg do 50k healing they could done 20k dmg 70k healing example

now they just made it 3rd dps

while healing pvp in this game in general been horrible for quite long now

i would like to know how exactly we turn rdruid or mw into dps next or do we just all play disc and do dps and stop playing other specs cause healing according blizzard is irrelevant for pvp

and lets just forget about rsham completely, delete if from game by buffing 8% on its casted heals that it never casts

exactly. in all honesty disc atonement healing was pretty fine beforehand, it’s just obviously not going to cut it when people are deleting two health bars in 5 seconds from people so we needed buffs to flash heal & defensive penance.

but it’s almost comical at this point how since I’ve started playing disc in Legion, they’ve never been able to just tune Atonement itself up or down as necessary, but instead they keep fiddling around with the actual damage of spells and so we end up either doing next to no damage or outdamaging DPS classes lol.

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you still won though obviously you was with a evoker or resto druid that have way better mana and healing output than the disc (druid also has considerably better CC)

Everywhere where? Stuck at 1.5? Coz I see 43 rDruid over 2.4 and 30 disc… And this is after buff, before they was like 15 :slight_smile:
We can nerf tho rDruid heal, mana and CC from afrika then we can talk about disc dmg.

I think resto druid will always stay as the most popular healer because it’s a spec with so many possibilities due to their toolkit and its healing style is very convenient for PvP. If their healing numbers are also good they feel like the best healer to play overall.

are u high or drunk or something, are u ok?

h ttps://check-pvp.fr/eu/Ragnaros/Fanttom

so u take 1.6 each season 14 season row each expansion with a 40% negative w/l and u seriously here talking about something being stuck? I guess u are an expert on that tho

im not stuck on anything atleast

like seriously… get lost

is like random battleground chat here

also disc dmg is way overtuned yes

idk maybe u are stuck on disc like i can see u being or anything u try play. doesnt mean they would be bad, disc is currently the most represented healer tho anywhere u look and the one that makes most sense to play

disc damage maybe overtuned but so is resto druid mana and evoker mana if they were to nerf disc damage the mana on these 2 classes should be nerfed to the level of priests

There is no way i am gonna queue now untill disc is nerfed… gonna heal some m+. Imagine if they gave MW 3 stacks of life cocoon (useable while stunned) and gave way of the crane back.

yep i did the same decision to not go put caster in 3 melee lobby for this week which now “healed” by discs every game so ur focused by 3 dps instead 2, because the disc acts as 3rd and doing as much as the arms + assa or 2 arms :slight_smile:

luckily there is other means to cap vaults

the tunes for the game are rly good tho

stay tuned for next week to see what is the next game breaking tune in