Disco priest

Why not? If any other class can oneshot me, why shouldnt i do mandatory ďmg aswell?
Buff other healers, dont nerf disc.

…you do know what role you are playing right

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Disc priest-heal by doing dmg, not heal by pressing flash heal

yeah but they can tune the numbers if needed. it’s a multiplier, they can make it so 10k dmg = 100k heals or 100k dmg = 10k heals if they wish.

then it’s a great thing that atonement can be adjusted to heal more without having to buff the damage of the actual spells.


Pres evoker and resto Druid are still considerably better for shuffle…

Guys i get your point. But my point is, thats its good and fun to also přibude big dmg. If you buff others healing, the ďmg would be better healed and disc will still feel strong doing 5k dps and 50k hps isnt that fun as disc as doing more ďmg and a bit less healing for me. The pressure playstyle is fun for me

i dont know about that brother :thinking:

prevoker perhaps but rdruid is replaced on every format by disc now

discs top and bottom end is also higher than rdruids if we look the shuffle ladders

but what really confirms me when going bit deeper and taking a look at the fresh ding discs rolled for the patch i can see some of them doing fresh ding discs pushing past 2.1 and some 2.4 now which is pretty darn impressive for a healer to do high positive w/l % for fast push for shuffle format :slight_smile:

i think its the dmg changes which help in shuffle format when they can burst as 3rd dps while they also got good cds to rotate on ppl while they do dmg

and our point is, disc was already doing extremely good damage before the patch, and now they added a second PS charge AND buffed our damage by a crap ton. this playstyle you speak of was perfectly viable and even arguably too strong (at least in 2v2) prior to the patch.

now it’s extremely overkill and affects all brackets.

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exactly its had high dmg format since sl and now it does alot higher while also having access to 2x ps

the dmg change alone is enabling people to do very fast push on their discs this week in the shuffle format as healer

and its pretty darn impressive for healers to push fast in shuffle right now from low elo

they do it with the dmg change which they overtune, anyone interested just go through the reroll discs in the ladder and u will see pretty impressive pushes

the mmr change also puts them on higher lobbys now so they steal bit from them aswell, its very good time to level a disc

i can very well understand why every lobby is disc priest now, acts now as 3rd dps and with 2x ps and other superior cd compare to rsham or druid

u burst as much as dps and something dies while other heals cant heal this dmg its simple, very effective in this meta and for shuffle too

What you on about? Disc is broken af.

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yup… it’s crazy. even on launch I was globaling ppl for 100ks as disc pretty frequently when health pools were A LOT lower. damage buff was not necessary in any capacity.

now there’s 2 different builds I’ve tried and so far I’ve managed pretty reliably to hit 150k penances with some setup, and my max SWD crit with the other build was 175k in execute range. it’s just absurd.

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i guess ill just spent the season 1 leveling every class in game so can change between these wheel of fortune weekly changes we keep witnessing now

the tunes are constantly so crazy that they just remove ur class or lift something to such measures that nothing else matters

its like lottery, what do we have for next week :smile:

yeah it’s really sad. I don’t really know how to feel about it because I’m very appreciative that they are tuning stuff this frequently, but at the same time it’s not a good idea to tune everything this hard at once.

Frequent tuning should be small adjustments, not sledgehammering classes -20% or +20%

they will get bored eventually and then it becomes playable :slight_smile:

its like my ex’s children, they want u get them something new each week which they have interest for few days till they want something new again

df is like blizzards toy now and soon they bore of it and let it be :smile:

It’s kinda crazy. I see Discos throwing out crazy dps and healing whilst still being tanky. Druids having great healing and utility/tankiness. Resto shamans having some good stuff and can put out the occasional huge dps. Evokers still having great mobility and heals and some dps.

Then there’s the Mistweaver. Just…it’s so bad compared to those, I don’t understand. It barely has equivalent healing abilities, no ranged dps and is squishy as hell.

Man what are you talkimg about ??
Where u found 40% win rate??? U at same cr and xp. Close your mouth.

Disc scales into be extrem broken if the enemy team dont have high damage burst so he can outheal them with attomen healing and just spam damgur

So in 2v2 Disc is by default broken, 3v3 just great

Wenn he needs too just heal he is at the same level as other healers

false i got my 2.1 for the season with 90 played 60% win, while u are still stuck as dps on 1.6

also im not a challenger for life player like u

why u even talking about something stuck when u are 14 season row challenger with negative 40% win player trying claim that discs would be stuck somewhere when theyre the most represented healer currently and doing the most effective pushes

ladder full fresh rerolls now even doing the fastest push for healer that ive yet seen entire df for ss

ur just complete clueless and too annoying tbh

wont read more from u

What interests me most is how people come up with the word DISCOpriest. There is no o in discipline and its not a party or club healer either. Just sounds completely stupid.