Disconnect limbo while in cities

Hey, just to catch up with the American folk experiencing similar issues:

It seems the characters are soft bricked each time they appear in a city. I’d thought first it’d be taking a portal so I put it in my reports, but characters already in a city exhibit the same problems.

Overall, the symptoms are similar to „Transfer aborted: instance not found” errors experienced through the ages – one might be able to chat (although I couldn’t find anyone to chat with so not sure), move around, and even do some singular actions if lucky enough (managed only changing forms on Druids), but otherwise everything behaves as if one is about to be disconnected. No other data such as the world quest info, can be received, regardless of the addons used.

There’s a slight difference though: There are no error messages, character can roam freely without teleporting to the starting point after a while, and the NPC-s sometimes appear, sometimes not.

Another peculiarity is that the character’s health seems to display as the signed 32-bit integer cap or a value close to it (2147 Million).

As for the actual ability to log in it’s roughly every second time – once to get in, and the other time to be rejected with „World Server is down/Already exists” errors, in an alternating sequence. Sometimes it just hangs up and upon returning to the character list it shows no zone, though.

Characters located outside the cities can log in and access data normally. And no hit point hack either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Scan & Repair has been performed to no effect.

Yes this PTR build has been very unstable and buggy.

My characters total health pool seems to vary back and forth between 1 health and 2.1Bn from login to login and zone to zone.

I’ve also experienced some wierd Buffs that come and go.

Stability wise it’s a bit hit and miss if I can log in or not and I’ve experienced regular disconnects or cases where my character becomes unable to interact with the world.

While it’s certainly worse in cities it’s also an issue in the open world - as I write this I’m an a completely empty (of NPCs) Bel’ameth and I cannot use my abilities - and I just got DC’d :slight_smile:

I have noticed all my characters have loads of health and Everyone is affected by a Debuff called Aura of Despair. I have about 10 debuffs on my druid right now

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The PTR seems to be playable for me today. My character’s health was still mussed up on logging in by faster dying (one shot by a target dummy - the shame!) it reset to the right value.

EDIT- Nope the weird health values come back after a relog.