Disconnect on login

Since the patch this morning i get disconnected on login(wow51900319) with 1 character, the caracter in question is a night elf druid logged out next to the mission table in the heart of the forest.

All other characters works fine.

So far i have tried disabling all addons and renaming the cache/interface/wtf folders.

Tried the unstuck service https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/product/wow/197/834/solution
and that worked, then i re-enabled addons and i could log out/in in stormwind with no problem. However when going back to the heart of the forest and logging out there it now seems to be stuck again.

Same, I am getting disconnected on my dk at Necrorold base near mission table. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Gordi, can you give it another go now? It should be working correctly.

As per your issue Vrynnie you have a couple Death Knight characters so I haven’t been able to check on yours - as the forum isn’t moderated 24/7 I’d suggest sending in a ticket. It’s likely going to get you faster support :slight_smile:

Still the same problem.
Logged back in, found myself in stormwind. (could log out and in with all addons enabled there) HS’d back to heart of the forest, works fine but when i log out i cant log back in if i’m in the heart of the forest.

Mission table is mostly what i do with that alt currently so its really inconvenient if i can’t log there

i have also the same problem, 5 times in 2 hours

I have same problem On Vanilla RTP on my hunter

Same problem with my DK on Tarren Mill, other characters on this server are OK.

Fixed, thanks :heart:

Since yesterday, I cannot get in or play no my priest. Addons are not the issue, deleting cache is not the issue, scanning and repairing does not help either. Happens ONLY on that one character. I have other chars on the same server. No issues on them. I have chars on other servers, no issue there either. But this one, I get insta DC. Unstuck service does not help either. What is going on??

I have the exact same issue as OP and i really need a fix as soon as possible as i am raiding mythic in a few hours. Can anyone help me? Character unstuck is on cooldown for 8 hours and it only fixes the problem until i log out in heart of the forest.