[Discontinued] The Expeditionary Initiative

This poster could be found on noticeboards around the cities of Azeroth, a letter posted beside it: https://i.imgur.com/mGlXzD3.png

"Explorers of Azeroth,

Some time has passed since the Dragonscale Expedition began. In that time, the scale of the discoveries to be made and the foes to be faces has become ever-clearer.

Your aid is requested in a venture through the Dragon Isles. In weeks to come we shall venture out from the great city of Valdrakken, combing the isles for anything we may have missed.

The lands of the Dragons are filled with mystery, beauty and spectacle. Do not miss this opportunity to behold them with your own eyes."

When: 20th February
Where: Starting at “The Petitioner’s Concourse” - Valdrakken

The Expeditionary Initiative is a Roaming Hub that will travel through the four zones of the Dragon Isles over the course of a few weeks.

Due to the Dragon Isles being a current-content continent, the zones are sharded, and therefore joining the in-game community is necessary in order to participate in the hub RP and events.

Events for the current week will be listed in the hub’s Discord Server. Many of these events are open for anyone to take up and host if they feel so inclined. Should you wish to do so, or if you would even like to set up an event of your own, send a DM to myself to hash out the details. Hosting is not necessary or expected and there will be events held regardless.

Additionally, if you are interested in helping with organisation for the hub, please reach out!

Lastly, everyone is welcome. From vendors to soldiers and everything in-between, please don’t feel discouraged to come along!


First of all, this is really cool to see!
Second of all, I believe your character might be an ethereal.


I knew all that time spent in Revendreth was going to cause health issues down the road… :pensive:


Looking forwards to it friend. \o/

I wasn’t aware that when I signed up to this, I was doing so towards some unknown demonic entity though…


I’m really looking foward to this!


Oh, i forgot this 1!


This is a pretty neat idea. Been roaming around the isles abit ourselves and it really could do with a roaming hub like this so I hope this works out!


The Expedition begins in just over 2 weeks, so I thought I’d lay out a Schedule of sorts.

20/02 - Arrival Day at Valdrakken. A day of casual camp RP and a chance to tour the city.
22/02 - Rest Day
26/02 - Travel to Camp Nowhere, Azure Span
01/03 - Travel to Three-Falls Lookout, Azure Span
05/03 - Travel to Forkriver Crossing, Ohn’ahran Plains
08/03 - Travel to Emberwatch, Ohn’ahran Plains
12/03 - Travel to Dragonscale Basecamp, Waking Shores
15/03 - Rest Day

(Travel days also count as rest days)


The Expeditionary Initiative begins in a week! We’ll be starting in our first basecamp, the Petitioner’s Concourse in Thaldraszus.
For those not in the know, this area is directly below Valdrakken’s daycare, and right outside the Black Market Auction House.


Sounds interesting!

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The Expedition begins tomorrow! We’ll be gathering in the Petitioner’s Concourse for a night of casual RP at 20:00 Realm Time before things kick off properly.

Please, if you have any interest at all, make sure you’re in the in-game community to be able to join in, and within the discord to be able to see the events.
But not to worry, if anyone has plans or reservations about joining up so early, know that it’s perfectly fine to drop in whenever is comfortable!

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Great! can’t wait!

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Well, this didn’t go as Lintian expected.

Didn’t expect to have kaitylinn to make an event! but i sure loved it!
here’s a screenshot i took during it. Unfortunatly couldn’t partecipate till the end :confused:


Aw man, Why was this Discontinued?

Echoing the above! I was looking forward to checking it out! :frowning: