Disparaty in my aoe damage

Hello everyone,

I keep having a problem for which I can’t really find out the cause.

Whenever I go into gambit or there is a larger pull say, 10-15 mobs, my dps is pretty low and stays low, being at around 12-15k max, while when there are 3 to like 7 I can go up to 40 or even 50k. Same cds same team comp, happens all the time in already mentioned gambit. If you guys have any clue on why that happens I would really like to know.

Thank you in advance

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Thank you very much for the reply.

Yes, I agree and I could see that being an issue sometimes however I doubt that murlocs at the start of gambit have higher armor rating than later mobs or did I miss something? The issue I have that in gambit the initial pull of 3-4 grp of murlocs I do 12-15k dps which is far lower than the average of 40-50k I do on grps when the numbers of mobs are lower… I am guessing this hasn’t been an issue to others?

if you are referring to Outlaw than its easier to ramp up and keep sustain high damage, murlocs usually are being burst down pretty quick and sometimes spread around making it difficult to aoe. usually being distracted is what burning our damage down there, ignore explosives (unless u HAVE to do, explosives are so bad for rogue), focus 1 mob (Scalebinder if possible so you can also CC the fish stick cast), and go all in. Dont let the massive pull of mobs fool your rotation and keep it as normal. if there is no Scalebinder just focus the highest HP mob preferred on mid of the pack.

most important on this pulls. dont get distracted by nothing. stay focused, and you’ll be able to put some more dps in.

Unless you play necro, then you bone everything!
No pun intended :rofl:

Outlaw has a target cap of 5, so you no do damage beyond the 5th target and that’s where you fall short. 5 targets or below outlaw shines.