Divine Retribution (A) 9/9 HC, 4/9 M BoD Arathor

(Ellzangel) #1

We are opening recruitment again, looking for a couple more raiders to join us for Battle of Dazar’alor.

We currently have no Tank or Heal spots and have a couple of classes we miss, or would like more of; Spriest/MM Hunter/Warlock/DpS DK/Ele Shammy and Rogue. However we would be happy to consider other classes as what is most important to us is that you are a good fit for our team.

You would need to be available to raid the following evenings:

Wed: 7.45 - 11.30
Sun+ Mon: 7.45 - 11.00

All times are server time.

Your Experience: Ideally you will have cleared Heroic raids on a regular basis and have at least some experience in Mythics. What we are looking for is some evidence that you can play your class well while handling Mythic mechanics and show a committment to raiding as part of a team. More important than anything is that you WANT to play the game, even when the expac isn’t that great! If you love WoW and have a committment to end-game raiding, some proven skill at your class and a willingness to learn, improve and go that extra mile… then we want to talk to you! Contact me in-game or Bnet: Ellz#21767, or reply here!


Please note that if you visit the site, Weekly Updates are there every week, but may not all be visible unless you are registered. We are here, we are alive and we ARE kicking! :smiley:


Joined at the beginning for BFA and i can honestly say what a wonderful guild with wonderful people. I have never been somewhere that is more organised in terms of raiding with loads of lovely spreadsheets, weekly news posts, raider of the month and much more. Raiding atmosphere is both fun but also serious when getting the job done and the guild is getting stronger and stronger. Definitely worth checking us out :smile:

(Juniper) #4

Come and join us - preferably if you are a Druid as we all know they are the best! Also i need more Kul Tiran chums so we can embrace our glorious bellies!

Seriously though - if you are looking for a fun crowd that is pushing mythic progression steadily without being elitist, DR is for you!

Get in touch!